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   Jan 31

Your Questions About Gardening

Helen asks…

what is the easiest and most economical ways to grow marijuana indoors?

I recently got my “card” for medicinal marijuana, and now I want to grow my own so I know what I get every time. What is the easiest way to start out, with very little start up money?

GardenersCardiff answers:

The easiest and the most economical way: Hydroponic. (see source 1) It is an already built hydroponic grow box. For a $100 it has everything you need, a ventilation system, a steady frame so you can plant, place and forget. All you need to buy are the light-bulbs and the actual ventilation system (the vent that goes from the back of the box to the wall).. And one person is correct about growing inside, the police do infrared thermal scans almost every night (at least where I am from) at around 10pm-1am. They look for unnatural ‘hot spots’ and if they see that (your) hot spot as continually being ‘hot’ they’ll most likely try to search your house/apartment. Only because it is Federally unlawful to grow medicinal or non medicinal marijuana. So if you live in California and you do not want to be bothered by cops or other state/federal governments please go/research your local Public Health department and see if they allow you to get a license that registers you with the state so you are ‘virtually’ untouchable… The kind of website (for Public Health) I am talking about is my source 2 and the card itself is source 3. This card allows you to drive with marijuana in your car and not be hassled with (as long as its concealed and out of sight; no more than 8 ounces; no more than [i think] 50-100 plants)… This card makes the cops of your state (in my case CA) play by the laws that are passed by your state. For example: If I am driving my car (alone) with 5 1/2 ounces and a highway patrol car pulls me over, and states “It smells like weed, please step out of the car sir” all I do is show him my card (source 3) and he must abide by the rules which say, as a state registered medical patient, that the cops cannot give me a ticket, arrest me, or take away my medication due to me being a state registered patient. I advise most of my friends to get one of these cards because after all, your ‘paper recommendation’ can be treated as such: “paper”.. And the cops can take away your medication, your papers and arrest you.. Therefore, the actual card is the way to go. It helps a lot, trust me.

Laura asks…

Pros and cons of getting a hermann tortoise?

I have wanted one for a few years now and I’m getting close to having a 2 year old and in about 2 weeks If I want, I put down a deposit on him/her but now I’m not sure..
I love tortoises but its the commitment that worries me, I’d rather not get him/her if I can’t give them enough attention because of uni, work, and eventually family time. I’ve done lots of research on them and talked to the breeder and a pet shop owner but I worry growing my own weeds, constantly checking the temp on the table and all the hassle will just be too much :/

So pros and cons please? Much appreciated!

GardenersCardiff answers:

The main pros are:

They can live for a long time.

If owners talk to them regularly they will respond to their owners voice.

They love being outdoors in the summer

They can develop funny characters.

Sounds good yeah? Here comes the cons:

Because of poor breeding and transportation, many tortoises die within a year after leaving the pet shop.

Hibernation is an important factor which can last for up to 6 months with the UK’s long winters and they have to be fasted before hibernation and the temperature of their hibernation housing has to be well monitored and ventilated.

Some tortoises grow to big sizes which means having to buy larger housing for it as well as finding the space in the home too.

Their diets are extremely fussy and different tortoises eat various foods which to break it down foods which are good for one species could be toxic to another.

That’s only a few of them.

Sharon asks…

What is the best way to grow peanuts in a home garden?

I will be trying to grow them as a special project for my 8 year old daughter to have fun in the garden and learn to grow her own food.

GardenersCardiff answers:

After the danger of frost has past, prepare some loose well-drained soil, plant peanuts 1″ to 1 1/2″ deep, 6 to 8 inches apart in rows 24″ to 36″ apart. Water as needed, Weed as needed, watch peanuts grow. Harvest when leaves start turning yellow.

More info in links below:

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