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   Feb 28

Your Questions About Gardening

Robert asks…

What is a good gift for my engaged older sister?

My big sister is getting married in a month and I would like to make her an awesome gift. Any ideas for great homemade gifts?

GardenersCardiff answers:

What are her interests or what does she love? If she is a garden lover, then put together a lovely basket of garden things like seed packets and garden gloves and tools, maybe add a little gardening book or a book of garden poems.

If she loves candels, make her an awesome homemade scented candel.

If she is a great cook, gather together some unsual spices, a few cool looking cooking utensils, a nice little cookbook and put them in a great basket.

If she is a camera buff, how about a collage of photos from your life together with some rolls of film to fit her camera and a nice little photo book.

If she is a sports enthusiast, a basket with some bottled water, energy bars, a little book on her sport or fitness book and perhaps some tickets to see her favorite event.

If she is a diva or makeup queen, how about a nice spa basket with her favorite scented soap or body scrub, nail polish, lipstick, facial stuff.

Or you can put together a honeymoon basket….godiva chocolates for two, a small bottle of champagne or split of wine, two glasses, gourmet cracker and cheese or cookies.

Steven asks…

What would be a nice gift to give a young 16 year old hispanic female who helps me translate from time to time?

Within the last year and a half she has translated for me numerous times, and I thought it would be nice to get her a gift. I want to get her a gift that is respectful to her as a young woman and that respects her and her families economical ways of living.

I dont want to go with “make up/perfume/gift card”

any ideas?

GardenersCardiff answers:

Probably the same gift you’d get a 16 year old caucasian female?

- You could get her the spanish version of your favorite book. Or just your favorite book.
- Bake something! Get in the kitchen and show off some family recipes! I often give baklava and spanikopita as gifts. They take a lot of effort, but they’re always well received. If you don’t have any family recipes, then make up a basket with cookies. (or if you’re hopeless in the kitchen, go to a bakery and make a nice gift basket).
- She has to have some sort of interests beyond translating! Use those…
- Why not give her a little herb garden or some potted flowers? You could even make a nice planted arrangement for her.
- a little gift basket with face masks, foot lotions, body lotions, lip glosses and soaps.

I really think the candle thing is so overdone. Seriously, don’t buy candles and smelly things. I have so many different candles at my place from gifts. I can only light so many candles at one time! Plus, I have two cats, so I can’t even light a candle unless I’m right beside it supervising…

Thomas asks…

What is a great gift to give my twins teachers for teacher appriciation week?

My twins are in preschool and they have 2 teachers and 2 teacher helpers what would be a great gift to give them? They are wonderful teachers so i want to give them something thoughtful but not too expensive. I don’t mind doing crafts either so if you know of a craft me and my twins can make that would work too. Or i like to bake. Please help! Thanks.

GardenersCardiff answers:

How about some homemade cookies and a few herbal teabags in a variety of flavors?

Or, a fresh fruit plate.

Or, a free car wash token, or SubWay, Starbucks, ice cream parlor, or grocery store, etc. Gift certificate, or lottery ticket.

Or, a house plant that you may have started yourself and have the twins
help you put into a nice plant.

Or a bouquet of flowers from your home garden and a card from the twins that they’ve made.

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