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   Mar 28

Your Questions About Gardening

Donald asks…

how can I make essential oils for myself?

I grow my own medicinal herbs and would like to make essential oils from them.

GardenersCardiff answers:

WEll essenntial oils can be extraced from plants in several methods. One is by crushing and choppping them. Then further you chose your method by the property of the essential oil. If it has a low boiling point, you can easily fracion distill it. If it decomposes before boiling off you can use simple solvent extraction. Bo hify kits required!!

Thomas asks…

How can I start my own indoor garden (grow my own produce)?

I’m interested in growing my own produce, but I live in an apartment in the city so I don’t have a garden to grow produce in. How can I grow a good amount of produce indoors and what are the best veggies/fruits to grow under such conditions?

GardenersCardiff answers:

Herbs is the only thing that you can grow indoors. Produce must be grown in a green house or outside. You cannot grow produce under lights or in window sills indoors.
You can however grow some produce in containers on a balcony if it gets direct sun for 6 or more hours. Don’t waste you time trying anything other than herbs indoors.

Donna asks…

How hard is it to grow your own veggies?

with an obvious upcoming depression/recession [my sales are down badly and my sister a company director cant get work]

should I start growing my own veggies in the yard? As long as you have food and shelter it doesnt seem like a big deal.

GardenersCardiff answers:

Growing some vegetables can be really rewarding if you like growing plants. You can use a container or plant in the yard. What you can grow depends on your climate. I grow fruit trees and have berries. If you can grow extra food, you can barter with it for other goods. If you freeze and/or can, you can provide much of your own produce.

I used to grow beans that could be eaten as green beans and some left to mature for dried beans for soup or chili. Herbs are really fun, too!

The important thing to remember is that growing plants need water regularly. You can’t skip or your plants may die. It isn’t difficult and it need not be too time consuming.

Gardening can become a great passion and it can enhance your pleasure in cooking and eating to grow varieties you can’t buy at the store.

My best advice would be to start small and see how you like it.

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