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   Apr 23

Your Questions About Gardening

Daniel asks…

How do you rid snakes out of your garden?

I love to garden but I have a real problem. We live by the National Forest out in the country- 6 acers. I don’t mind the black snakes but we found Copperhead babies last week along with a few unknowns.. A lady in our area died from a snake bite last year while she was gardening. I need to tend to my flowers…help! We mow our grass regularly but a large field beside us is growing up and we are not able to ask the owner to mow it.Any ideas please?

GardenersCardiff answers:

First of all, snakes will always be there, so there is no point trying to eradicate them and kill them all. They can even be a gardeners best friend, believe it or not. They remove enormous numbers of garden pests from the garden that must otherwise be dealt with by the gardener. Most often, those pests are dealt with by using poisons, which leaves residue on the plants and doesn’t do a lot of good for the environment.

We often interpret snake behavior through the lens of human motives, human intelligence, human intent and human senses, when in fact snakes have very different senses (extremely poor vision, no hearing) and lack aggressive intent (we as a species often motivated by aggression interpret their behavior as such).

I know it this may seem completely opposite to the what you have asked, but here is a link for attracting snakes to your garden

The reason I included this, is that as there will be snakes, no matter what, you might as well provide a snake friendly area of your garden to accommodate them. At least you will know where they are!

When gardening, take protective measures, for example sturdy boots, gloves, long sleeves etc. Having pets such as cats (a natural predator of most snakes) can also be of help, although sometimes it is the cat that will be killed not the snake.

Here are a few do’s and don’t for gardening in a snakey area

• Learn the Pressure Immobilisation First Aid Technique at It’s simple to learn.
• Wear protective footwear and clothing outdoors – be especially careful around dusk and at night when certain snakes are out and about
• Be aware that snakes can be anywhere – in the bush or backyard (especially vegetable patches and under rubbish).
• Stop and stay calm if you’re bitten by a snake (or even suspect it)
. Get someone else to apply first aid and then send them for help
. Do not ignore snakebite.
• Be aware that many snakebites may go unnoticed – don’t expect to always see the classical “two fang” punctures or even see the snake.

• Try to catch the snake that bites you or someone else – this will not assist with treatment
• Go near a snake or try to touch one – however small
• Move if you have been bitten – try not to panic
• Pick up a dead snake or even a decapitated snake head – they can still give a dangerous ‘bite’ several hours after dying

Sandra asks…

Can you recommend a good gardening forum (specific to California or similar environments)?

Specifically it needs to include gardening in California – looking at a raised garden in the desert…so forums for English country gardens is going to be no help!

GardenersCardiff answers: is a good one I promise. I use it all the time it has different categories and what not

Richard asks…

What are good flowers/plants to plant in your front yard garden?

Looking for good gardening tips

GardenersCardiff answers:

That depends a lot on where you are, what is available and how much time you want to invest in gardening.
Some plants require a lot less attention and others only live for one season (annuals).
Do some surfing to figure out what you’d like the front of your house to look like. Here is a free planning tool to help you:

Here is a site for beginning gardeners:

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