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   Apr 28

Your Questions About Gardening

Betty asks…

What does a country have without businesses and corporations?

Ah Ha, NOTHING. It is a backward country of peasants. Every body has to grow their own food. No specialization. Means like No. Korea. On the verge of mass starvation.

GardenersCardiff answers:

Well, it’s called command or planned economy – efficiency of course could be lost a bit.
In theory it’s possible scenario of closed planned economy too.

Robert asks…

How do i build a non-profit organization which focuses on helping the homeless?

I’d like to start a ‘Feel like you can do anything’ charity for Los angeles’ homeless people, and eventually, every other country’s homeless people.
This charity will focus on helping the homeless rebuild their lives, all it would start with is a seed.
They’ll grow their own food to eat and get straightened out, get a job, and do what they’ve always wanted to do.

GardenersCardiff answers:

Contact Coalition for Homelessness Intervention and Prevention at the web site below and see if they can give you advice.

Richard asks…

What core subjects do you think should be taught in schools?

What skills and information should kids have by the time they leave school at 16/17? Is an appreciation of the English language as it is written one of them? Does mathematics matter? Should all children learn to strip and rebuild an engine? Drive a car? Touch type? Grow their own food? Cook a meal from scratch?

Which are the school’s responsibility and which the parents’?

GardenersCardiff answers:

Excellent question!!

Yes – shop/mechanics should be mandatory – at least to show every young man and woman to change a tire, and possible add fluids to the engine if nothing else. We are helpless on the road (for the most part) and that makes us dangerous. To know at least the basics of an engine would be helpful to all students economically, in the future, b/c we wouldn’t be such easy targets to get ripped off at the mechanics. P.S. Mechanics can and do make really good money.

Yes – American {or insert your country} Government should be taught and mastered at the basic level. Do you think Britney Spears or even your average H.S. Student is accurately aware of how our government works at the simplest level – NO. I don’t and I’m ashamed to say that.

English and it’s use, absolutely, goes without saying.

Math, absolutely, a must as well.

Home Economics – yes, maybe a must in middle school. Had it not been for Home Ec, I wouldn’t know how to sew up a hole in my socks or clothing. I must have missed the cooking lessons b/c today I’m still a pitiful cook :-( . But the healthy, helpful things, even from Driver’s Ed, that I learned 30+ years ago, I still use and remember.

Physical Ed – it should be stressed more and it should be made to be important for every student. Especially since most of us sit on our arses all day on computers. Not trying to lenghthen our mortality rate here, just trying to make the days we have more fit, happy and beautiful. It’s important.

Again, Fun question.

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