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   Apr 30

Your Questions About Gardening

Daniel asks…

I want to grow my own vegetables this year, but my cats poo in our garden?

It’s not just my cats, but neighbours as well. I have tried all the usual cat repellents, orange peel, coffee, water filled bottles, etc, but to no avail! Is there any safe way of utilizing the garden such as containers and raised beds but on a larger scale??? We tried netting over it last year but the cats still managed to find their way under it and jumped on top of it. I want to try poly tunnels but they are SO expensive – any ideas????

GardenersCardiff answers:

I use tea bags with vick on them.but any menthol or eucalyptus should these tea bags around the area that you want to keep the cats from.there is also a plant called scaredycat which you could grow with your veg,cats hate the smell of it

Sandy asks…

What makes a country poor in terms of economy and governance?

in your own opinion, what makes a country poor? what do you think are the VERY REASONS why a country has become poor in terms of economy and governance?
just answer in your OWN opinion! you don’t have to be a doctorate-degree holder to have a good answer.

GardenersCardiff answers:

Truly, what makes a country poor is the lack of education.

I’m not talking Ivy League-type schooling, but just your basic education specifically for the region in which the poor live. Schooling would be and should be different for people who live in the desert versus people who live in the rain forest. There are different lessons to learn. Different trades to discover.

Where education lacks, a farmer who grows, say, coffee beans might not realize that people outside of his area depend on those beans to jolt them to life every morning. So he sells his beans at a rock bottom price and feels great about the deal he’s making. He has no use for the beans, so he figures that if someone wants to buy them…great!

The person who buys the beans hauls them out and packs them to a supplier. He sells the beans again. The supplier turns around and roasts and grinds the beans and sells them in pretty shiny cans for a huge profit.

If people are educated, they know. When they know, they can make better choices at selecting those who represent them. When they know, they want their children to know. It’s a snowball effect, gaining more and more mass as it rolls downhill, through the generations.

But when people spend their lives growing beans, they literally know beans. Very well.

Chris asks…

Frugal living when you work full time?

I read a lot about living frugally on websites such as The Dollar Stretcher, but it seems like most of their tips are geared towards stay-at-home moms and/or people living in the country, such as “offer homemade cookies at Christmas” or “grow your own vegetables”. How do you live frugally when you are a couple working 45 hours+ per week, live in an apartment in the city, and don’t own a car so we have access to only overpriced grocery stores.

GardenersCardiff answers:

Lists can be helpful. Keep track of every cent your family spends for 1 month, perhaps 2 months. Look to see if there is a pattern of impulse spending here and there. Things like that can add up and yet be hidden.

Examine your record and see if costs can be cut or adjusted. You both need to be trying to cut costs or it won’t work very well.

Plan out and simplify your holiday spending and stick to the plan. Can you give fewer gifts? If not, where can you cut down the amount you spend. Family gifts instead of individual? Give certificate for baby-sitting or 2 hours of cleaning help or car-wash, etc(and you will do the work)?

Talk over the cost cutting with family. Many of them are trying to cut costs, too. If you entertain, can you cut down on alcohol and switch to the less expensive tea or coffee?
Switch from chips to popcorn.
Play games or work puzzles instead of renting half a dozen movies

Clean with baking soda, vinegar, water where you can instead of more expensive cleaning products.
Use damp dustcloth instead of expensive wipes.

Talk to some old folks who lived during the Great Depression and see how they managed? They will probably be late 70s or older, but they know things.

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