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   May 28

Your Questions About Gardening

Linda asks…

How do you deal with rude customers?

This is my first job and I’ve been at it for about 8months. I haven’t encountered many rude customers, yet. Today at work I had 2 very rude customers. The first one who came through was a guy and his girlfriend. He wreaked of beer, and his girlfriend could not stop giggling. I figured they were most likely buzzed or feeling nice from the alcohol. They had some gardening supplies. One of the items didn’t have a barcode on it, so I asked the guy “Excuse me, what is that called?” I’m not a gardner, nor do I know much about gardening. The guy goes “WTF does it look like? It’s a LARGE tomato cage. There’s small ones and large ones. This one is large.” I know I should’ve bit my tongue but I didn’t appreciate the way he was speaking to me so I said “Excuse me?!” Then he just looked at me and stopped talking., Then in the late afternoon, a woman needed help in a department. I told her I would call someone in that department to help her out. I went to my register, got on the phone and called the department. A man came in my line and I turned around and looked at him and I went “one second” The customer literally yelled right in my other ear “HELLO!” It startled/scared the crap out of me. He said it so loud and rudely that it startled the other cashier, and some of the customers glanced over at him. After I hung up the phone, I said to the customer “Excuse me, I’m sorry I was on the phone” He clearly saw me tell him ‘one moment’ because we made eye contact when I did. I wanted to cuss him out, but of course I didn’t. As I was checking him out, I was taking some deep breaths just to calm myself down. I was putting his stuff in a bag, but there was an item too big to fit in a bag. I laid it on the counter figuring he would carry it. He tells me “PUT EVERYTHING IN A BAG!” I literally just looked at him and said “Alright” then he paid and I went “Oh, sir you have a GREAT day” I wasn’t being genuine when I said it, but I thought “kill him with kindness” His tone of voice changed and he said “Oh…you too…” then he awkwardly walked away.

My question is, how do I really deal with rude customers?

On a fun note. One time there was this extremely rude customer, he was talking sht to all of us. One of the managers walked by and saw this. He went up to the customer and asked what the problem was? The customer and the manager talked for like 5minutes, and the customer started getting rude with the manager. We didn’t have what the customer needed, but the man kept going on and on, yelling at everyone. The manager said “alright sir, you need to get the fuk out of my store, right now. I will NOT have you in here harassing my employees, and other customers” My manager is the most laid back, funniest, nicest guy you’ll I knew this particular customer was bad news when my manager said that to him.
Oh yes, I do think some of them think they’re “superior” One time, a guy was checking out and he had spray paint. I could tell he was over 18yrs old…hell, he had a kid with him. He jokingly/snidely said “What do you need my ID?” and I said “No, I can tell you’re over 18″ then the customer said “ah yes, I should know about this. I am a Doctor. Being a doctor and all I already know these things” He put an emphasize on the “doctor” part lol. and I was like “that’s nice” and told him to have a good day. I personally didn’t care what his job was, but I just kind of thought that was funny. But then today, a doctor came in, and he was a really nice guy. There’s a lot of funny, nice customers who come in, so I usually have at least 5 nice customers for every 1 rude ass customer. My coworkers have talked about making me a head cashier because they think I’m great at handling things, and I’m prety laid back

GardenersCardiff answers:

You do not have to tolerate a rude customer. You are a human being. Call your manager.
A smart Manager knows that the customer is not always right and will support his/her staff.
It does not matter if the customer is drunk or had a bad day. No staff needs to take any abuse from anyone staff or customers.

I am a gardener and a tomato cage comes in many different sizes from place to place. I could not tell you which was a large or small unless they were beside each other. In the next store they could be different large and small.medium giant ……10 inch 15 inch ….

How good is your acting can your turn on the tears.

I am so sorry sir (sob) I am so stupid (sob) I am just a cashier (nose runs)I am trying my best its my first day on the job( choke back more tears) please don’t tell my manager.(grab kleenex blow nose) Let me get someone else to help you. Close your till and walk away.Try not to laugh.

A large store can have 50-100,000 different items. I doubt anyone working for the store can identify them all.

Being extremely polite is another method. Your customer may have been deaf. Response


You are just the cashier you do not set the price you do not control the weather or traffic and putting up with rudeness is not part of anyone’s job description.

Edit For your added detail it take 12 Nice customers to cancel one bad one. Same with compliments and complaints.

Paul asks…

would people help the handicap garden?

i work in a special needs classroom and we have a old greenhouse attached to the back of our room. it has sat unused for several years. i had my class clean it out but unfortunatly it’s in pretty bad disrepair. we want to use it and have plant sales to raise money for our classroom, but do not have the money or supplies to have it functional. do you think there are companies that would donate gardening supplies to special needs children?

GardenersCardiff answers:

There are always people willing to help outwith special needs. You can check local businesses in your community, as well as search online! Run an ad in the paper, there’s always someone willing to help!!!

Susan asks…

Can someone explain how and why epsom salts are good for your garden? If so, how to apply?

I have a small garden (vegetables and flowers) around perimeter of my house. Often see it in the fertilizer sections of stores. Don’t understand the concept of how it is useful in gardening. Also, any ideas on how to deter bugs from plants?

GardenersCardiff answers:

To improve sandy, acidic soils with an excessive ammount of calcium or potassium, creating a temporary magnessium deficiency. Epsom salts supply sulphur through a foliar spray. You are correcting the alkalinity by supplying sulphur. Supplying magnessium would make the soild too alkaline, so you use Epsom salts.

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