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   May 24

Your Questions About Gardening

Paul asks…

How Would this Process Work with the Square Food Gardening?

Print out the grids and fill them in with pictures from Gardening Magazines according to your garden plans?

GardenersCardiff answers:

Yes, you can do that, or buy graph paper. It is fun to play around and see what you come up with.
It is possible to make astounding patterns using square-foot gardening and different colors and leaf patterns. Think of quilt blocks and different lettuces. One season i grew 23 different kinds of lettuce and planted them in all sorts of diagonal and criss-cross arrangements! It was a blast!

Ken asks…

Can someone give me the name of a good gardening magazine?

Is it available online?

I need to do some research on magazines.

Thank you

GardenersCardiff answers:

Fine Gardening is your best bet for tips and tricks. If you are looking for garden examples and ideas then Garden Design is pretty decent.

There are a ton to choose from – see link below.

Lizzie asks…

What are some gardening magazines that can help me?

I need to find different non-internet sources for these:
What are microgreens
What blue lake beans are
What dwarf cherry roses are
What outredgeous lettuce is
How greenhouses work
What soils can grow plants, where to get soil

I am allowed to read magazines off of the internet as long as it was published (since magazine articles are exactly the same online). And anything else, any of these would be a help even if it’s only one. ( i need at least 4 non-internet sources)

Please this is urgent, i really need help. this is so frustrating, i have untill Monday thanx

GardenersCardiff answers:

I’d type in “horticulture magazines” in a search engine and start there. Then try vegetable garden magazines, trees and shrubs magazines and greenhouse construction and maintenance magazines. And then get to the specific questions you ask.

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