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   Jun 28

Your Questions About Gardening

Sandy asks…

I am looking to grow my own herbs to use for wicca practices, which herbs should I grow?

I was wondering which herbs have to best properties and uses. Can anyone give me a list of herbs I should grow and their properties. also I am looking to buy essential oils to put in homemade bee wax candles… are there any certain scents I should buy.. also do you know any good websites where I can bye these essential oils and bee waxes for a good price? Thanks!

GardenersCardiff answers:

Just a note here– Wiccans don’t need to grow herbs or work with herbs/essential oils. It’s absolutely irrelevant to our religion.

You can be Wiccan all your life and never use herbs or oil for any reason. There’s no Wiccann practices that require them… The only thing that’s required to be Wiccan is a relationship with our Gods and living by Wicca’s tenets and such.

As for herbs, there’s no ‘best’ — it’s more about what you want to use them for, what your goals are.

And as a side note because you’re gardening you also want to consider which are suited to your USDA growing zone and regional conditions/soil. It’s always a good idea to get a herb gardening book that’s specific to your local area, such as the south east or the north west or whatever.

Same thing with essential oils– what scents do you like? What do you want to use? What do you want to do with them (I mean, is you’re planning on doing spiritual work or magic, what are your intents?).

You can get that stuff on… Just make sure you’re getting pure essential, not fragrance (chemical, artificial) oils.

Thomas asks…

Do you grow your own vegetables?

GardenersCardiff answers:

Yes, we grow our own veggies..and I put them up in the freezer, and canning.
Tomatoes, yellow crook neck squash, cucmbers, Okra, sweet corn, green beans, bell pepper, Cayanne pepper, and many herbs(which are perrenials) and some annual herbs too!
We a grow potatoes using car tires….easy and saves room.
We also grow cantalope, and watermelons, and pumpkins.
Gardening is alot of fun, and enjoyable to watch your own vegetables grow, and enjoy them, plus its nice to share with neighbors, friends and family.
We also have a fall garden and we plants greens in the fall to have for the winter too!

Sharon asks…

Growing Herbs?

How do I start? Can I just buy like herb seeds and plant them, and do I need to know anything in particular about planting/growning them

GardenersCardiff answers:

It depends on which herbs you’re growing.

Some herbs are difficult to start from seed, and you may even want to grow them in a starter tray or in pots until they’re big enough to hold their own.

Some herbs happen to like hot, sunny, and dry, and even a bit of neglect. Others don’t, but once they get a foothold they’re virtually impossible to weed out again.

You’ll find that members of the mint family are easy to grow- but they can be invasive, so consider keeping them in containers unless you really don’t mind them going wild. Oregano- distantly related to mint- is another easy to grow herb.

One year I grew sage, oregano, basil, and thyme together in a large pot- and thew grew beautifully, and gave me some of the tastiest pot roasts and stews I have ever eaten.

Good luck!

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