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   Jul 25

Your Questions About Gardening

Chris asks…

What would be good to replace a large ornamental grass?

I don’t like the ornamental grass in my garden as it doesn’t offer much contrast to the lawn… And it also is too wild looking for my liking.

I am looking for something a pretty like an ornamental cherry blossom, but I need something I can keep less than 2.5 metres as it is a very small front garden and would be quite Close to the house. Preferably something I can buy relatively mature and plant now. I am in UK so it isn’t actually hot although late may.

I love oriental trees, trees with weeping branches etc.

Or a flowering shrub or large plant? I have seen a lot of lovely ones with pink flowers and lime/green leaves but I don’t know what they are called. They seem to be common in uk but I can’t find the one I am thinking of online.
I either need a tree or a shrub which would be quite ‘full’ looking

GardenersCardiff answers:

PRUNUS ROYAL BURGUNDY Purple Leaved cherry from Chew Valley Trees
Chew Valley Trees,
Winford Road, Chew Magna,
Bristol BS40 8HJ
Telephone: 01275 333752

Other common name:
Pyrus are deciduous trees or shrubs with oval leaves and scented white flowers in spring, followed by green or brown fruits, edible in some species
‘Pendula’ is an elegant small deciduous tree with slender weeping branches, narrow greyish leaves and creamy-white flowers followed by small, brownish fruits



Mark asks…

What vegetables or fruit can I plant in pots?

In the Cleveland Ohio area. I do have a garden in my backyard but I would like to add more plants with no more garden space. I think the best way is to plant in pots but im not sure what will work best. And the best way to do it?

GardenersCardiff answers:

The best answer is to give you some detailed information in the following links:

Good luck…this year I’m planting more vegetables in containers.

Donald asks…

What are the best plants for attracting butterflies?

I want to make a butterfly garden and was wondering what I should plant. I am in zone 5/6 and would like to grow flowers, vines, shrubs, etc. that would attract the lovelies. The area I am looking to grow in is partial shade (some areas almost all shade under a tree). It would be awesome if there was a flowering vine I could grow up the tree.

Any ideas would be great!

GardenersCardiff answers:

Here is a link that has various blogs regarding butterfly gardening and plants that attract butterflies:

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