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   Jul 26

Your Questions About Gardening

Ken asks…

How do i grow my own herb garden in my apartment?

GardenersCardiff answers:

Plant the baby herbs in 10 inch terra cotta pots with saucers. Use Miracle Grow Organic Choice potting soil. Fill the pots to about an inch from the top. Make a hole big enough for the plant. Pour water in the hole. Be gentle when you plant the babies and don’t do it in direct sunlight. Pack the dirt around it lightly. Pour in a little bit more water. Keep them out of direct sunlight for a day, then put them on your balcony in the sun or you can keep them in a sunny window. Water them frequently. Pinch the tops off a lot and they will grow a lot more. Don’t let them go to seed. When you see blooms, pinch them off or the plant will stop producing. Feed them with Miracle Grow about once a month at least.

Jenny asks…

comprehensive book on growing medicinal herbs?

Does any one know of a gOOd book on this? One that covers many different types of herbs, how to gorw from seed, how to cultivate/harvest, and so on? You know a book that shows more than just pictures! One that well worth the money even if it is 40-50 bucks…

I keep reading about several different books online, but since I cant see in them and my local bookstore doesnt have them, I’m afraid to buy without asking for your opinion… thanks.

GardenersCardiff answers:

The Medicinal Garden-How To Grow And Use Your Own Medicinal Herbs by Anne McIntyre is a comprehensive book about medicinal herbs, what to grow, how to grow them and what herbs are best used for what ailments. The book itself is broken into several parts and is filled with lots of colorful pictures as well as instructions on how to use the herbs.

Steven asks…

Can I grow my own herbs inside in Houston, and how would I do so?

What would I need? And can I make essential oils by myself? What kind of herbs would I grow that I’d actually use, not only for cooking but for home remedies and making shampoos and soaps and all, or would I even need them?
Thank you(:

GardenersCardiff answers:

Yes, herbs can successfully be grown indoors. But they need a lot of daylight though, so you might try it in a kitchen window.

Start out with herbs you will actually use for cooking. You can always buy or borrow a book from the library on herbal home remedies to see what other uses you can find for them.

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