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   Jul 28

Your Questions About Gardening

David asks…

i would like to grow my own fruit and vegetables?

i live in the caribbean. what would be good to grow here. i have never done this before, is it a huge undertaking??

GardenersCardiff answers:

No, you just need to stick with tropicals, like banana, kiwi, mango, etc for the fruit part. Then you can grow all sorts of vegetables – if you yard is drier and windy, you could grow Thyme, Rosemary and Lavender, but if it is more of a damp setting, they will not grow well down there. Cool crops like peas, pumpkins, kale, and parsley will not perform well in hot humid areas, but most greens will accept semi shady moist conditions in rich soil, as will some bush beans (try those in winter). Tubers like potatoes and peanuts will grow for you, as will most onions, I believe. You just need to figure out your microclimate and your growing zone and look at the seed stores online and the plant nurseries in your area to see what varieties and vegetables will work – look for things that are “heat and humidity tolerant” and “fungus resistant” for the best results, normally in your area. Most “tropical” varieties will work, but that label is more commonly found on flowers, rather than vegetables. Many annual vegetables will work as long as you grow them in winter when the weather is cooler for them. Also look for asian varieties – things like Bok Choy and thai vegetables are meant to be grown in warmer climates so they will work better for you.

Betty asks…

Can I still grow my own fruit and vegetables if I don’t have a garden?

Is there anything I can grow in a pot, I have a conservatory which acts as a lovely sun trap on hot days, I’d like to utilise it the best I can, but unfortunately I don’t ave the facilities to plant anything in the ground outside. Can someone give me inspiration?

GardenersCardiff answers:

Hi there,

There is quite a lot that you can grow in pots. Try:

Cherry tomatoes
Salad leaves
Spring Onions
Salad Potatoes
Carrots (Parmex type – bred especially for containers)
Dwarf Beans
Mooli (Chinese Radish)
Sugar snap Peas
Main crop Peas
Corn Salad
Kiwi Vine (Jenny is self pollinating)
Patio/ Dwarf Apples
Patio/dwarf Pears
Lemon/Lime tree

There are bound to be things that I have missed, but hopefully there is enough here to inspire you in some way. Use a small artist brush to pollinate the toms and strawberries especially if no bees can get to them. In fact I would occasionally hand pollinate all that I am growing inside just to be on the safe side.
Some will be much easier to grow than others, but it is nice to see just what you can grow from a few containers.

Hope this helps, good luck and happy planting :-)

Linda asks…

Do you grow your own vegetables?

GardenersCardiff answers:

Yes i have tomatoes, eggplant (thai purple and lebanese), chilli peppers(about 10 varieties), artichokes, cabbage(red), beetroot, zucchini, lettuce(3 varieties), onions(4 varieties), garlic(2 varieties), broccoli, capsicum, peas and sweetcorn. I also have herbs sage, parsley, basil, thyme, rosemary, curry plant and corriander. All of this is in an over grown garden bed about 10 meters by one meter. They all seem to like being crowded.

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