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   Aug 22

Your Questions About Gardening

Thomas asks…

Why is there a health difference between marijuana and tobacco?

Why is it that tobacco is so much more damaging than marijuana? After all they are both plants that are recreationally used in generally the same way.

GardenersCardiff answers:

There are two major reasons as to the health differences

today when you buy a pack of cigarettes, you are not just buying the tobacco, you are buying chemicals to prevent the cigarette from starting a fire, you are buying preservatives, pesticides, fungicides, insecticides, etc.
*due to certain types of select fertilizers that are used, and the sources of those fertilizers, a build up of radiation can also take place on the tobacco fields *though this statement about radiation and fertilizer is still controversial in my opinion and others*

people have been smoking tobacco for thousands of years, we never had cancer rates like we do today until major tobaco came into play along with govt “regulations”

the 2nd major reason is frequency
most cigarette smokers smoke 1-2+ packs a day, thats a significant amount, and its a constant assault on the lungs, the lungs never have a chance to heal or relax

now as far as marijuana goes

people will say, what about their pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, preservatives, etc?

Well, that is true, and a significant problem with low quality marijuana, however, higher quality, and more locally produced products are free from those substances, they also do not use preservatives, or the chemicals that are required by govt safety regulation

so with properly grown marijuana, those negative effects you experience in tobacco products are not present

as far as frequency goes

marijuana is consumed differently, its not a chain thing, you rarely have a user that smokes 1-2+ packs of marijuana a day, a user consumes much less marijuana per day then a cigarette smoker, and the lungs have a longer period in between to recover

along with frequency, its consumed differently in that it can be smoked through a glass pipe instead of in cigarette form, or other various forms such as vaporization or eating it, causing far less damage to the lungs, on a less frequent basis

it also has been shown scientifically and is prescribed in many states and countries around the world as a treatment for asthma

there have also been studies done where they have found a select strain of marijuana, in a laboratory setting contains select chemical compounds that has been proven to kill select forms of lung cancer

currently, while marijuana can be healthier then tobacco, if used wrong, it could be just as dangerous

it can also have a great deal of medical benefits and our species would benefit a tremendous amount from further study and refinement of this species of plant

i have come to these conclusions after a great deal of study and consult with doctors from multiple states including california and ny, and my own personal studies of countless pages of research that has been released to the public

Maria asks…

Can You Make Your Own Chewing Tobacco/Snuff Out Of Cigarette Tobacco?

I am curious if this can be done. I am now in the part of the world where I cannot buy chewing tobacco or snuff so I am wondering if I can use cigarette tobacco to create my own snuff.

I am interested in real answers not ” look in wikipedia’ , ‘search yahoo or “order inline”. Duh!

GardenersCardiff answers:

Normally chewing tobacco is smoke cured as opposed to the smokeless dry cure for cigarette tobacco and chewing tobacco is usually sweetened with molases or other sweetener. So you couldn’t really make chewing tobacco properly from cigareete tobacco. But you might be able to use pipe tobacco if you can get that (not sure where you are in the world, but tobacco is pretty common). You could grow your own, but curring is tricky, storage difficult.
I think I might try to get some pipe or cigar tobacco, sweeten to taste with molases, maybe add a little flavoring (what is your prefered brand? You might be able to find the flavoring used).

Lizzie asks…

How can I grow a self sustaining tobacco farm ?

Like I don’t exactly know the words to explain it but I only want to buy the seeds once plant them then have the plants do their nature thing and reproduce on there own, if someone can provide me an honest answer with the legit terms and everything I’d be much obliged!

GardenersCardiff answers:

Get non hybrid (open pollinated/Heirloom) tobacco seeds and learn how to grow them and how to save seed from the plants.

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