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   Aug 24

Your Questions About Gardening

Jenny asks…

Growing my own coffee beans?

I’ve been thinking about growing my own coffee beans for my personal use. But according to this website, , one tree only produces about half a kilogram of roasted coffee. Does that mean I would need to plant multiple coffee trees in order to get anything out of them? I drink coffee every day (about a pot a day), so that’s quite a bit of coffee, is it not?

GardenersCardiff answers:

Correct. In order to totally grow your own coffee, you would need an orchard of trees at least, and that’s presuming they all have optimal soil and atmospheric conditions.

Helen asks…

Is it possible to grow coffee in my own backyard?

GardenersCardiff answers:

Well it does depend on where you are. There is coffee growing, blooming and fruiting in my neighborhood. I’m in So. California zones USDA 10b and sunset 23/24. Coffee does very well in containers also, likes partial shade rich soil and regular watering but doesn’t like to be waterlogged. The real factor is your coldest temps. They can be damaged or killed with temps below 32 F. They do make a great houseplant. I’ve got seed in right now, very easy to get as are small plants.

Just to add, seeds are common get them here

William asks…

About the effect of drinking different quality cups of coffee:?

Please tell me how do you know which coffee beans and brands are more likely to give you that positive effect? I know some coffee makes me feel like getting up and doing everything I need to do , and I am able to do it fast. Then it seems like the cheaper coffees seem to have much less of an effect. ( They might keep me awake but I dont feel the same energy). Who is an expert on coffee? Can you explain how to select coffees that are better than others? I ideally want an affordable coffee but with energy effect… Id even consider buying bulk to get savings per cup of coffee.

I notice its like some roasts/ brews of coffee seem better than others. Please enlighten me and answer my questions. Thank you.

GardenersCardiff answers:

Your question is actually quite a complicated one, as everyone has their own taste in coffee. There are some things you should pay attention to. Always make your coffee from freshly ground beans – grind your own at home. Buy them from a specialty store where you can talk to the people about the different beans and learn which ones best suit your taste. If you are buying coffee in the supermarket check the bottom of the bag to find out when it was roasted – there should be a date there. Buy the freshest you can find. Buy coffee beans that actually smell good to you. You have to figure out what kind of flavor you like – mild, full bodied, nutty, and what kind of roast. Italian roast and French roast are darker roasts. Learn about the different coffee producing regions of the world, and which regions grow coffee that matches your taste. Consider a blended coffee from a specialty store as many stores have their own special blends, but there are standard ones as well such as Mocha Java which is from Yemen and Java. Store your coffee in an airtight container in a cool dry place. I don’t ever store coffee in the freezer even though many people recommend it. I find that affects the taste of the coffee. Some people like to go with organic coffee, and many people today go with fair trade coffee, which is coffee bought directly from the growers. My personal favorite coffee is Jamiacan Blue Mountain coffee, a medium roast. So you need to start experimenting, pay more attention to the coffee you drink, make notes and begin to determine your own preference.

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