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   Aug 25

Your Questions About Gardening

Donna asks…

I need some gardening tips.?

I live in a Boston suburb. The weeds in my garden are overwhelming. Any advice? Would putting a ground cover instead of mulching each year be better (cost wise and work wise)? What ground cover do you recommend? sunny areas.

GardenersCardiff answers:

Before attempting to install a garden you would need to remove the weeds ( manually, chemically or both. ) Adding mulch once the weeds are removed will have many benefits: Mulch reduces weed infestations by blocking light to the soil. Mulch improves the soil structure as it breaks down. Mulch reduces water evaporation wich inturn reduces the likelyhood of watering garden plants. Mulch adds a finishing touch to any garden making it more complete. Mulch has some disease inhibiting factors/properties that occur in landscape plants. Mulch reduces dust and water run-off.
Usually a 2 to 3 inch layer of mulch is reccomended to apply around landscapes.
You can use mulch in conjunction with a groud cover. If youprefer to use only a grand cover that would be fine also. If the function of the groundcover is going to be used to help surpress weeds then you would need a dense , tough, thick , and fast growing ground cover . Some suggestions would be Rosmarinus prostratus, Ajuga reptans,Juniperus chinensis procumbens, and Juninperus conferta. These ground covers live along time and are very durable.

Paul asks…

Do you have any gardening tips?

I just found a new hobby –> gardening.
Honestly, I have no tools except for shovels, and maybe a few pots.
Also, don’t forget dirty, rotten, weird, and old soil!
Please answer these:

1) what kind of plants should we plant in the middle of March?
2) what are some essential and useful gardening tools?
3) what kind of soil is the best?
4) how do you know when a fruit is ripe?
5) what time of day should you water plants?
6) i live in california. is the weather alright?
7) do they sell venus fly traps?


thank you!

GardenersCardiff answers:

Great hobby!It’s my love and profession.I encourage all those interested to help make the world a more beautiful place and use gardening as a means of need to start with the basics.1.come up with a plan.what do you want?a.a simple basic vegetable garden,with tomatoes,Cukes, beans,and radishes?it’s a great way to get to know the plant world.2. Did you want flowers? Start with basic annuals, marigolds, cosmos,impatience for the shade.3. Have the soil already done for you .farfard has a wonderful complete mix that will help your basic plants( and others thrive.)4.make sure your planting area has at least 6 hours of sun.take a day and for gardening should include shovel,hoe,hard rake,claw,spring rake,and pic axe to soften and loosen up the area to be first gardened.always ware in the morning with a deep ,thorough watering.and never after 4 as you can propagate mold and fungus by evenings cool temps.california goes up and down the coast, alot of different zoning,you are so going to be more specific on what you can plant.venus fly traps primarily for inside use.surprisingly,your more apt to find them at food sores and chain nurseries.need any more help?april is when i start going nuts with my business.e-mail me before then.happy to help aspiring gardeners

Susan asks…

gardening tips ??????

ok so you need to answer these few questions…
1. helpful tips for growing flowers.
2. were to get cheap seeds
3. how much should i pay for a rose bush ?

GardenersCardiff answers:

1. Helpful tips for growing flowers.-The care for the plat is on the tag. It varies for all flowers.
2. Were to get cheap seeds-You can get them any where for a 1.00 something to 3.99 at any builder/Home Depot store, for example.
3. How much should i pay for a rose bush ?-It really does depend, you know that saying, “You get what you pay for.” That goes especially for rose bushes. Just avoid buy any cheap ones under $8.00 those turn out to be most likely misfits.

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