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   Aug 26

Your Questions About Gardening

Daniel asks…

Why don’t more people grow their own food?

It is a wonderful hobby and it ensures quality produce on the dinner table!
You can grow a surprising quantity of tomatoes on a mere balcony man! Look how many houseplants people own. Why not edible house plants? I knew an old lady who swapped her spider plant for a seet basil. She grows it on her windowsill!
I didn’t ask why folks didn’t grow ALL their own food, just some of their food !
Veggie Ta: I have a similar arrangement yet I managed to grow a sweet basil under my fluorescent reading lamp!

GardenersCardiff answers:

I concur that not everybody has the space to grow their own food. I am lucky enough that I can have a small pot garden in which I can grow my fresh herbs, but there are many people who do not have that luxury. Besides one can always go to the local farmer’s market to support the local family farms (the farmer will tell you exactly what has been done to the crop and field that year). I feel that supporting the small family run farms is much better than growing my own large crops (tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers) as it helps prevent the land from being taken over for development or by a large agricultural business.

Charles asks…

How does growing your own food work?

If I grow a bunch of vegetables to eat, how do I make sure I’m growing enough to last after the last batch has been consumed? For example, I just ate 3 of the tomatoes I grew, how long until I can more tomatoes? Do you plant them at different times? That way once a batch has been eaten, there are more on the way.

GardenersCardiff answers:

You figure out how much you eat, how much you need to last you from one growing season to the next, then grow that much. You can plant some things sequentially so you have new ones to harvest over a period of time, depending on your growing season and how long that particular plant takes to produce something to eat. In some places, the growing season is only long enough to get one crop of something. Tomatoes, for instance, are only going to grow in the summer where I live. You plant them in early June, let’s say, and by September, they are finished. The plants die, and next June you plant some more. That is why people can, freeze, and dry things. If you have a greenhouse you can get a longer growing season. Some plants do better in cool weather, and must be planted early and harvested early. Some plants mature relatively quickly and you can plant more in a season.

Mandy asks…

Why don’t people grow their own food?

Use to post pictures if you have some.
I’m too busy.

GardenersCardiff answers:

Well for one thing, it’s kinda hard to grow enough plants or raise animals to eat if you live in a studio type apartment.. Even a house in the suburbs is hardly enough land to grow anything for one person much less one family.. Besides zoning laws prohibit farming practices in a lot or urban areas where most people now live…

Not for me though, my family owns an 1800 hectare farm so we grow everything we need or buy from fellow farmers…

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