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   Aug 31

Your Questions About Gardening

Steven asks…

garden tools?

Can anyone reccomend the best garden tools for cutting down large bushes stumps and also up rooting them ?

GardenersCardiff answers:

It all depends on how much you have to do, and how valuable you consider your time.
The cheap way: axe, garden saw ( coarse teeth), pickaxe spade etc, and an awful lot of HARD WORK.
The easy way: hire a small excavator from your local Homebase, garden centre etc. And have a fun weekend, digging stuff out and filling a skip or two. ( Hippo bags might be cheaper – check the costs). With an excavator, you will probably get lots of offers of help from friends (male). Best of luck, and enjoy !

Donald asks…

garden tools?

Can anyone reccomend the best garden tools for cutting down large bushes stumps and also up rooting them ?

GardenersCardiff answers:

Use a mattock & a splitting maul . For how to do it go to :

smart gardening , on the web.

Be prepared to sweat :)

Robert asks…

Portable gardening tool caddy questionnaire, please help !!!?

I am currently studying Product design for an A level and I and intending on designing a product which allows gardening tools to be transported around a garden without all the hassle of carrying individual tools. I am wondering how much any one would be willing to spend on a portable system like this?


1) How much would you be willing to pay for a portable gardening tool caddy?

£0 – £10 or £10-£20 or £20-£30 or £30-£40 or £40 +

2) What are the top 10 tools which you use in your garden or own?

3) Do you currently own a portable gardening tool system, what is it, how much did it cost?

4) What colours do you think would be suitbale for this type of product

- bold (red, yellow, purple) – Camouflaged (green, brown, black ) – neutral (yellow, blue, white)

if there are any gardeners who have this problem, please answer this question, you could also give me feedback on how you think I could do this. ???????????
1 second ago – 4 days left to answer.

GardenersCardiff answers:

Personally I use a sort of garden trug thing for carting my small tools around and the bigger ones ride in the wheelbarrow.

I see the reasoning behind using green or brown as a more suitable colour to fit in with the garden, but I too would suggest at least an option of a bright colour such as yellow for any equipment used in the garden. It might also brighten up a dull day.

I’ve not infrequently mislaid my green-handled pruners and have also done the classic in tripping over the rake because it too was green and I didn’t notice it. Therefore I have a winter project in mind where everything I use in the garden is going to be painted or otherwise coloured bright yellow. Perhaps you might consider the same for the tool caddy, or whatever you come up with, then the user can say “Where did I leave that caddy? Oh yes, I can see it shining through that bush . . . “

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