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   May 31

Your Questions About Gardening

Michael asks…

what is this quote off/from?

make a list, cross it off, build a fort, read a magazine, turn off the tv, make some coffee, smell the flowers, take a day off, take two days off, take a week off, go outside, buy a plane ticket, leave the country, fall in love, wear something new, wear nothing,camp a mountain, swim with the fish, paint a picture, paint yourself, listen to new music, listen to old music, play music, take a walk, make a new friend, recconect with old friends, write people letters, send letters, tell the truth, grow your own fruit, look at the stars, breathe in, breathe out
now, remember this moment.
i have a feeling it’s from the lake house but i can’t seem to find it anywhere on the internet and don’t have the lakehouse on dvd to find out!
for some reason i can hear sandra bullock saying it, it’s bugging me too haha sorry!
i saw the quote on the internet but it didn’t say the film it was from, but it’s marley and me! thankyou i can sleep tonight now hahaha

GardenersCardiff answers:

I don’t think it’s from the Lake house or the film in the other answer.I read your question and it’s bugging me too especially as my husband watched this film about 2-3 weeks ago I can remember the quote but neither of us can remember the film.I have never watched the lake house or he film from the other answer

I Know now.It’s Marley and me.We watched it a few weeks ago again.I think it’s right at the beginning of the film when owen whatshis name is walking marley in a meadow and then marley pinches another dogs stick

Nancy asks…

Is it dangerous for the government to control our agricultural resources?

There is a bill before congress, the FDA Food Modernization Act, that makes it illegal for you to grow, share, sell or trade food you grow yourself. And if caught you will be fined and have your property seized.

A year ago the NIA (National Inflation Association) predicted inflation would effect food and agriculture. In the past few months coffee has inflated 40%, pork 50%, wheat over 100%.

Executive order 10998 allows the government to seize all food and resources during a crisis, without the approval of congress.

During the depression congress enacted the Agricultural Adjustment Act which paid farmers to destroy their crops to artificially raise food prices, which increased the duration of the depression, and the people nearly starving to death.

Government meddles in everything in order to finance the greed of corporatism, but their control over our food can be detrimental to our very survival, especially if you can’t grow/raise your own food.

GardenersCardiff answers:

Yes sir the market and the growers should be the ones controlling the agricultural resources, the outlawing of what you can grow on your own land is outrageous, and the type of thing that revolutions spring from. In my opinion we can not allow these measures to be imnplimented

Donald asks…

Why do black people that are tired of complaining about their problems in America, just move to Africa?

Poor Whites/Rich Blacks – South Africa

Investing in Africa

Contrary to popular belief, parts of Africa are climbing out the poverty that was apartheid, and other parts of Africa are seeing development as well and even some of that development coming from black North Americans. I mean if its not one thing, its another I alwaysI hear coming from black people. If its not about the white European standard of beauty, if its not lack of portrayal in movies, if its not interracial dating, its always something. I mean if you want some things to go your way, move to Africa, and invest in something. I was watching a show on the Africa channel about how African Americans move to Africa to live, and how they are living nice and comfortable lifestyles. I seen it with my own eyes, some guy took a few years pay checks to Africa, about 30k or something, and he has a home the size of a mansion, and he paid like maybe 10k for it, with pool and everything. I’m not saying it has to be a move tomorrow thing, but a future endeavor. Hell Africa even has a Nollywood (Hollywood equivalent) start up, all black cast. The only people to date there are black African people. I’m not saying Africa is perfect, but then again, America wasn’t either. People can get in on the ground floor and be the first in many markets. Like another woman I seen, opened up a coffee shops in some areas, because Africa grows their own coffee beans. The skys the limit. Would I do it? In a heart beat if I had all the disposable capital I needed, and a sound business model worked up.

GardenersCardiff answers:

I tell this to any person, no matter their ethnicity. If you’re having racial problems in the U.S. And you have the means, then get to stepping. Go to where your people are indigenous and stop contributing to or fretting over the racial struggles in the U.S.

I have often thought about it myself and stayed for a short time on the continent. It was very pleasant and if I could find a stable, peaceful area with financial security I would consider it an ideal permanent home. Albeit I would miss the melting pot that is the U.S. But there are definitely more positives for me.

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