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   Sep 18

Your Questions About Gardening

Mandy asks…

how to grow mushrooms?

hoe do i grow my own mushrooms without having to buy a kit ie how do i take the spoors from already picked mushrooms

GardenersCardiff answers:

Spores are practically invisible. If you have an appropriate host spot for them, you best bet is to pick the mushrooms you want that have just opened their caps, and carefully pop them into a plastic bag. Run home, and shake the bags out over your spot. Keep moist and dark.

Think of spores a bit like “fairy dust” – you don’t know it’s there by looking, just assume you have some in your bag, and shake it out as if there’s some in it.

The timing of collecting the mushrooms is important. They release the most spores when they first open their caps. Older ones will have sent all their spores out already. So finding them at the right moment is important.

It’s also possible to order spores without the “kit”, but seriously, unless you’ve already got an established mushroom population, a spore-innoculated kit is the easiest way.

Susan asks…

Will eating healthier, getting more sleep, and stretching help me grow ?

Ok so im upsessed with my height i hate being short -_- im a 13 year old girl and in 7th grade i get teased at for being short :( any help? my mother is very short im like 4ft something not sure but i dont want to be my mothers height will the things from my question help?

GardenersCardiff answers:

Advice from a grow-tall, weight-control and body shaping Doctor with copy-right:

Everyone has own body condition. Those grow tall easily can be very tall even with serious grow-tall obstacles. But one bad habit may stop you from growth. It is only destructive to compare your height with others. All advice here is written for those keen and difficult to grow tall.

Let me assume that you are a female of 13-year-6-month old now.
The average remaining grow-tall time for female of your age, are 6-month quick (0-4 inches per year) + 18-month slow (0-1 inch per annum) + 18-month insignificant (0-0.25”/year) rate. The rates in warm and hot zone are 2/3 only!

If you keep your habit, your mature height shall be about 126.72cm or 4’2″, according to your recent growth curve and limited information in your question. FREE of CHARGE advice and more punctual prediction can be gotten from a grow-tall doctor in Source(s)↓. You are much shorter than your maximum genetic height, indicating you have bad habits and grow-tall obstacles. Check out and remove them with the help of a grow-tall doctor for next grow spurt.

To boost or initiate next growth spurt for those hard to grow taller:
1. Grow-tall obstacles remove your chance. Check out then remove them first.

2. Enough nice sleep and good exercise.

3. Mixture of fish, fruit, vegetable, Kefir AB milk, mushroom, grape, cheese, egg, pea, nut, tofu, seaweed, sesame and cellulose are good diet.

4. Accumulation of stool, urine and waste in your body will stop you from grow. Clear them without delay.

Naturally it is neither possible to grow taller than your maximum genetic height nor after mature. However, you can BOOST-TALL within about ten years after you stop to grow tall:
1. Cut and grow Operation—Cut the long bones of your legs at an angle of 30 to 45 degree, and then stretch them mechanically with a screw mount, at the pace of about 0.05 cm daily for several months. This operation is preferably done before or just at the beginning of your puberty. It is too risky for boys older than 15.5 or girls over 14 years. There are failed cases that the adult patient can no longer walk normally.

2. Stretching Operation—Put a 316 stainless steel or preferably titanium screw inside the hollow marrow of your leg bone. Then, stretch the bones to the opposite side with the screw at the pace of about 0.05 cm daily for several months. Only the screw ends are exposed off the skin. It can hardly be seen outside trousers. This operation is no need to cut the bone, so it is not as risky as the above operation. This is also painful but can be done within a few years after puberty, by taking surplus human growth hormone. Until now, stretching operation has not yet been popular.

3. Bag-on-head Operation—Similar to breast operation. Put a silicone bag between the skull and skin of your head. The bag is then filled with plastic monomer which is later hardened by polymerisation. The plastic used here is much harder than the breast operation, to prevent shaking. This operation is suitable for adult whose skull has been fully hardened, to prevent pressing the skull onto the brain.

4. Bone Transplant—Invented by Dr. Edison LEE in 2006 for serious dwarf teenager and young adult. The mid portion of leg/hand bone can be transplanted to the leg of the client from death body who match the condition of the client. The leg bone from somebody who wants to be shorter can be transplanted to the short patient. Artificial bone and animal bone (e.g., pig) may also be considered. Transplant is preferably performed in both legs, except patient with long and short legs.

In fact, you can boost to grow taller within about ten years after stopping growth, with the help of your grow-tall Doctor. A small % of male over 25 or female over 23 can grow taller naturally. Our eldest successful case of boost-tall is 37-year old. But the chance to grow several inches naturally at your age is impossible. To start and boost the pace of your next growth spurt, you are advised to check your chance. Remove grow-tall obstacle thus found then boost tall according to your body condition, with the grow-tall Doctor’s advice. But artificial, animal and altered HGH is far less effective than natural HGH. For pre-adult boy over 15.5 or girl over 14.0, HGH injection is neither effective nor safe. Details see Source(s).

To predict more punctually, grow-tall Doctor has to consider your year + month; height, weight; health; race, genetic; living + home country; habit + grow obstacle. FREE of CHARGE prediction of your future height, remaining grow-tall time and speed, from a grow-tall doctor with 98% punctuation, can be asked in the non-profit grow-tall website in Source(s).

John asks…

How do i grow my own Psychedelic mushrooms?

GardenersCardiff answers:

You order the spores, and sterile soil from can buy whole kits cheap

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