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   Nov 22

Your Questions About Gardening

Thomas asks…

Gift shop names please?

I would like to have original gift shop names from you guys from which I can base original themes for a gift store that sells gadgets and perfumes and accessories and stuff.
Can I also have names of already existing famous gift shops? Maybe I can adopt the name??
Thank you all!!!

GardenersCardiff answers:

‘top gift’ and ‘prs promo’ are quite well known online gift shops, maybe you can use your name or the name of your town in the name. Some information on your location might be inspirational.
Free index’s site has a list of uk giftshops if you want to look at those, here’s the link

Lizzie asks…

picking up gifts!!! help pleas!!!?

here is the deal, I’ve been In the UK for 9 months and about go back home (Saudi)
I need a gift for my dad and my older brother…. I figured the rest family members myself
here are the details
-hates every thing new, likes his old stuff he has been using the same cologne since I was born!!)
-likes to take care of the garden in our house
- doesn’t drink or smoke
-doesn’t fish

my brother:
-28 years old
- not married
- employed
- likes tea
- likes working out
-not social
-doesn’t drink
-likes traveling

I would appreciate some help I want the gifts to be really special as these two are perhaps the most
important two gifts I need to get. If you had no ideas tell me:
1- what you got to your brother or father before
2- a website you used, if any
many thanks

GardenersCardiff answers:

Dad= garden hose., baseball gum., seeds {tomato}
bro= cigs.?., weights., a book
i got my dad= gift card for fast food., sports mug
i got my bro= a skyrest travel pillow., a video game

Linda asks…

my moms 50th birthday is coming up. . ideas for gifts she’d like ?

she likes reading books, she likes romantic comedy movies and stuff like that. . . what would be an ideal gift.

GardenersCardiff answers:

If you really want to give her something she would use and like, try a manicure or massage. It’s something for HER and most women love that kind of thing!
Gifts for women can be a challenge simply because of their various interests and hobbies. Women 50-65 years old can especially be challenging as this time in their life can be different from woman to woman. Many women at this age are preparing to retire or have retired, becoming grandmothers or are already grandmothers, and enjoying their womanhood at this stage in their lives. So finding the perfect gift may just take a little preparation and even a little research. Below I have provided a few ideas and options to help you get started shopping for that special woman in your life whether it be your mother, grandmother or wife.
Gift Idea #1: Many women at this age enjoy collecting photos of their family and friends. A photo album, scrapbook or even picture frames are always nice gift ideas. Adding a photo of your family will make her day even more. If she does enjoy scrapbooking, consider giving her scrapbook supplies such as decorative paper, stickers, glue, and other small embellishments.
Gift Idea #2: Clothing is always a nice gift to receive. Consider buying your special lady a new robe or a new set of pajamas. Many women don’t think about shopping for themselves. So a gift like this will show that you care. Slippers or even a blanket are also great gifts to consider.
Gift Idea #3: A vacation just might be what the woman in your life needs. If she has just retired and is looking for a way to unwind after years of work, consider booking her a getaway with some friends of hers. Many cruise lines cater to this age group, and the options are very affordable.
Gift Idea #4: Books are another option if she is wanting to relax and enjoy herself. It has probably been awhile since she has sat down and allowed herself to read a good book. Consider a title by her favorite author or even a historical book of the area she grew up in so she can enjoy fond memories of her childhood.
Gift Idea #5: Give your special woman a spa package as a gift. Taking a day to pamper herself will make her feel extra special and renewed. A simple package could include a facial and a manicure, or you could go all out with the works of a massage and a wrap.
Gift Idea #6: Find out what kind of hobbies she likes. If she enjoys gardening, give her a gift basket full of gardening goodies such as seeds, new tools, sunscreen, a knee pad, and a gardening book. If she likes to knit, buy her some new yarn and a new pattern book. If she likes to cook, consider a gourmet gift such as a new cookbook, new cookware, or even a cooking class she has always wanted to try.
Gift Idea #7: Gift cards might be a good gift for your lady. If she has a tight budget or a fixed income, the extra support in gift cards are sure to show you care. Consider stores like grocery stores, department stores, gas cards, and even the movies. This allows her to buy what she needs and enjoy herself on occasion also.
Gift Idea #8: Consider having a family get together as a gift to the woman in your life who is 50-65. Chances are family members are spread out, and time together might be uncommon. Spending the day together doing an outing or making a special meal may be the perfect gift of quality time.
Other gift ideas that might be the perfect gift depending on her interests include: candles, exercise equipment, a collection of their favorite songs, a journal, perfume or bath products, a new camera, and flowers.

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