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   Nov 30

Your Questions About Gardening

Joseph asks…

I Need a Gift Suggestion for…?

I would like recommendations for my favorite garden center employee.She’s great! She answer every question patiently and frankly,. I appreciate what she brings to the workplace. Of course, she has access to all types of plants and garden things so, I was wondering if you all would suggest something, please.
I meant to state she answers…thanks.

GardenersCardiff answers:

As a former garden center employee, I loved pretty scarves with flowers, tee shirts with garden themes and slogans, garden books, garden themed stationery, garden theme jewelry, unusual garden ornaments from places where I could never afford to shop. Garden theme aprons, a really good tool, an unusual flower pot. Lots of journals and interesting books about gardeners and gardening out there that would be good gifts.

Donald asks…

Christmas Gift under $25?

My boyfriend needs to buy a gift for a gift exchange. They are having a white elephant exchange i think thats what he called it. So the gift just gets wrapped and who knows who will pick it lol he works at a tire company and its mostly men except for 2 women. Was trying to think of something to get other than a gift card. Any ideas????? :) thanks

GardenersCardiff answers:

Garden Bon Bons – look like candies, but are seeds for growing Italian Herbs or Herbs for Tea

Chicobag Produce Stand $15.99 – machine washable 3 reusable bags in a cute pouch – reusable collection is very cute

Wrap-n-Mat – – disposable sandwich and snack baggies $6.99-$8.99

If you have an Olive Oil & Balsamic Tasting Gallery near you, go and get either Blueberry or Raspberry – they are great on salads and unbelievable on ice cream. Here’s what it looks like: about $20

Robert asks…

Gift for mom!?

I am making a gift basket for my mom. It has a gardening theme, and I was wondering what kind of unique things I could put in it. Like gloves, seeds, etc. Give lots of ideas plz!! Thank you so much!

GardenersCardiff answers:

I would get her some hand tools to go with the gloves and seeds. Also put some lotion for her hands and some sunscreen, as well as a hat. You may want to check at your local nursery and pick her up a gift certificate to get her started. Books and magazines are also a very good idea, as well as some pads for her knees — gardening can be pretty tough on the knees/body. Don’t forget the water bottle for her and a watering can for the plants.

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