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   Jan 28

Your Questions About Gardening

Donna asks…

What if your husband wanted to put hundreds of gnome statues in the front yard?

Maybe not hundreds, but enough to fill the yard. It would probably set a record for garden gnomes. The lawn is gravel anyway because of desert climate. I am thinking about doing this without bothering to tell my wife or neighbors. What do you think they will do upon seeing my front yard filled with garden gnome statues? Would you be upset if your husband did this?

GardenersCardiff answers:

Heck no i’d be tickled pink and then ask him if he had lost his mind ☺
never mind what the neighbors would say just hope the local news or newspaper didnt get wind of

Linda asks…

Have you ever broken a garden gnome?

I heard that if you break one, you get cursed, and garden gnomes will haunt you forever.

GardenersCardiff answers:

No-I have not.

Daniel asks…

Where can I find a ceramic unpainted gnome?

I can’t find a store anywhere around my hometown that sales unpainted, ceramic/bisque garden gnomes. Anybody know any good online stores?

GardenersCardiff answers:


FAQ on their site…
“Do you have unfinished (without color) gnomes available?”
Yes. Just specify ‘Unfinished (without color)’ by immediately e-mailing Customer Service after placing your order. Be sure to include your name and order number with the request. Prices and shipping rates are the same as finished gnomes.

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