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   Dec 30

Your Questions About Gardening

Maria asks…

Why do my pretzels turn into elmo at night and attack my neighbors garden nome?

GardenersCardiff answers:

No, no, no… I think you have it all wrong. See, you don’t know about the secret MUPPET PLOT to take over the world! They have invented a new kind of camouflage that enables them to look like certain kinds of snack foods after dark.

The only snag in their plan is the secret heros – The GNOME SOCIETY – led by the ever vigilent Travelocity Gnome, has intercepted the nanochip with the special chemical compound formula that the Muppets plan to infiltrate amongst the harmless snack food.

Your neighbor’s gnome is simply trying to stop their evil PLOT TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!!!

Just remember. Don’t eat any snack food after dark. You might end up… Well… Eating Elmo!

John asks…

Comparing Gnomeo and Juliet to Romeo and Juliet?

I need to compare Gnomeo and Juliet to the Shakespeare Romeo and Juliet. I have to write an Essay on it and Ive never seen Gnomeo and Juliet but Ive read the play of Romeo and Juliet. Can anyone give me a few differences and similarity’s in the two?
JADE: Thank yu soooo much this helped me tremendously!

GardenersCardiff answers:

Hahaha thats awesome! I want to that essay instead of mine! Anyway :) i love gnomeo and juliet so i think i should be able to help. In Gnomeo and Juliet there are still the two families but they are gnomes in the two neighbouring gardens of Montague and Capulet- the houses owners. Instead of the introductory sword fight there is a mower race between Tybalt and Gnomeo. The meeting between Gnomeo and jJuliet is instead over a flower ( they both spot the same flower on a greenhouse roof and go to grab it at the same time) they have a whole 5 minute romance/fun think to some elton john music, then they bother fall in the water, problem here is Juliets “mask” thing comes off and Gnomeos face paint comes off so they see each other as Montague and capulet and run. Later that night they meet at the wall and arrange to meet the next day at 11.45. The next day before Juliet goes to meet Gnomeo her father introduces her to Paris who is a total noob. The nurse falls in love with him (difference) and juliet goes to see Gnomeo. In the garden where they first met they meet a plastic flamingo and id say that he is the Fr Lawrence of the story. Gnomeo has a friend Benny (benvolio) but no mercutio but there is a mushroom though he doesnt speak. Gnomeo comes back and finds out that the “reds”- the capulets, have destoyed his fathers whisteria and so launches a counter attack but Juliet catches him and so he runs. They meet again in the greenhouse/abandoned garden and the flamingo tells him his love story and how other people fighting ruined it. So they reconcile but then benny spots Gnomeo and GNomeo tries to stop him but benny runs out into the street and Tybalt smashes off his gnome hat thing, so Gnomeo gets angry and they race but Tybalt ignores Gnomeos warning of the brick wall and smashes. The two families come out and the capulets try to kill Gnomeo, juliet protects him but he is knocked out into the street where you think he is smashed but its actually a tea pot- everyone thinks he’s deadand juliet gets glued (literally) to her tower and is all depressed. But Gnomeo is alive but a dog just carried him away- the flamingo and mushroom go find him while he is talking to a statue of Shakespear who tells him the real story where they all die and ?Gnomeo says that s awful. Meanwhile benny wants to avenge Gnomeo and so buys the TERAFIRMANATOR- an awesome lawn mower which is totally destructive (if you do watch the movie then stop and read the mower warnings :D ) so Gnomeo returns as fast as he can but the terafirminator has been set loose and is destroying both gradens. Gnomeo gets back but juliet is glued to the tower so they stay there and hte mower destroys the tower and you think they die. Then the parents (capulet and montague) are like “lets reconcile” so they do they some one steps on a display feature for the tower and it moves a whole bunch of rubble and Gnomeo and Juliet appear. Then they get married (matrygnomey- as said in the movie) and all the dead/smashed caharacters are there, the nurse/water frog feature thing gets with Paris and the parents are together, they order the flamingo a girl and their happy so the whole thing ends differently except for the reconciling. Hope that helped and didnt numb your brain :D

Mark asks…

What is something you never want to happen to you???

GardenersCardiff answers:

I don’t want to be attacked by garden gnomes.

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