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   Jan 27

Your Questions About Gardening

Mark asks…

Poll: Do you think I’m going to attack earth?

I’m just a little green man who comes in peace..but my species plan to attack earth so you puny earthlings have no chance against our advanced weapons…sorry

GardenersCardiff answers:

Oh my god your a garden gnome

William asks…

Would you like to test your harry potter skills?

Goblet of Fire
1.The Dursleys, at first, refused to let Mr. Weasley help Dudley when his…
A. voice began to sound like a parakeet’s
B. Eyeballs turned bright green
C. tongue became swollen and purple
D. Nose began to look like a rat’s

2. At the Quidditch World Cup, Winky claimed she was in the Top box to …
A. Protect Harry from the Malfoys
B. Check the tickets of those entering the box
C. Save a seat for her master
D. Serve food to those in the box

3.What was one reason Mr. Diggory accused Winky of Conjuring the Dark Mark?
A. The voice that muttered the incantation sounded just like Winky’s voice.
B. She was found with Harry’s wand
C. She had not denied that she conjured the mark.
D. She had a snake tattoo like the Death Eaters

4. How did Mad-Eye explain the disturbance in his yard?
A. His cat had decided to attack his garden gnomes
B. He had heard an intruder, and his dustbins started a commtion
C. His post owl was arguing with the goblins next door.
D. He had been practicing his Apparating and accidentally splinched himself.

5.Hermione wouldnt eat another bite of the start-of-term feast after she…
A. Learned it had been by house elves
B. learned a student became sick after eating it
C. hear Fred and George had added Veritaserum to it
D. heard it contained Vlast-Ended Skrewts

Harder Questions
1. Professor Moody repeatedly put the Imperious Curse on Harry until ___.
2. After the Goblet chose the fourth champion, what did almost everyone wonder?
3. When Hermione was hit by a ricocheted spell Malfoy meant for Harry, her ____.
4. While talking from a fire, Sirius was interrupted before he told Harry ___.
5. Why did Madame Maxime become angry and shriek at Hagrid?
6. Flich thought he had caught Peeves stealing a Triwizard clue after the ___/
7. What did Dobby tell Harry just before the second task?
8. After Hermione annoyed Rita Skeeter, WITCH WEEKLY claimed that Hermione ___.
9. While in a cave, what did Sirius tell Harry and his friends about Crouch?
10. While speaking privately, Harry and Krum saw Mr. Crouch, who told them ___/
11. For the third task, Harry learned the Four-Point Spell, a spell that ___.
12. A golden thread of light connected Harry’s and Voldemort’s wands until ___.
13. How bad Barty Crouch’s son escaped from Azkaban?
14. How had Rita Skeeter been able to listen in on private conversations?
I am a book worm. Goblet of Fire is my favorite book!

GardenersCardiff answers:

Lemme try :D

1) C
2) C
3) B
4) A
5) A

Harder questions:
1) he could resist the curse
2) How harry potter got in even though he was underage
3) teeth became bigger
4) how to defeat the dragon
5) he thought she was a half-giant just like him
6) egg dropped to the floor
7) He told Harry to use Gillyweed for the second task and that Ron had been trapped underwater and he had to rescue him 8) was a flirt as she was rumored to be Harry’s girlfriend and yet went to the Yule Ball with Krum. She claimed that Hermione was someone who went after famous people.
9) I don’t know this XD
10) This one too XD
11) Would show him the direction of the trophy in the maze
12) Harry broke the connection and ran for the trophy
13) He exchanged places with his sickly mother
14) She was an unregistered Animagus ( a beetle) and she used this to her advantage to spy on people.

Okay that’s all hope this is good enough. :)

Carol asks…

So……I wonder what to do next?

I found grandma out in yard passed out surrounded by garden gnomes. Is the end of the world coming sooner than we thought?

GardenersCardiff answers:

They are already attacking? I didn’t predict that for a while yet

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