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   Jun 21

Your Questions About Gardening

Betty asks…

How have you been growing your own food? please read the details…?

what plants are you growing?
do you have cattle?
i’m just curious…because i’m thinking about growing my own food!

GardenersCardiff answers:

I really fell down in the gardening department this year. Other things going on, and for some reason the mosquitoes have been really vicious. But in past years I’ve grown tomatoes (I did manage to get in a few plants), peppers (hot and sweet), green beans, lima beans, cucumbers, squash, eggplant, corn, melons, broccoli, salad greens, radishes, chard, and various herbs (the herbs are in a separate garden and I did ok there this year). My apples and cherries did ok, but they don’t need any attention. The cherries are too small to do anything with other than eat fresh, but omg the apples. I’ve canned about 20 quarts of spiced apples. Also got peaches from a local farmer’s market and from a couple of friends with peach trees, and canned a bunch of them as well.

I’m also fortunate to have a friend at work who supplies me with eggs. My zoning laws don’t allow chickens, let alone goats or cows.

But even if you can’t grow all, or even a lot, of your own food, whatever you can produce reduces your carbon footprint, not to mention is fresher, and probably more organic, and will taste better.

If you want to grow all your own food, you need to know how to can, and it also helps to have a freezer. It also helps to hunt, or have friends who do that can give you surplus.

To “peaceand”–rabbits taste real good. If you live in a place where you can shoot a gun, go for it and also save your garden! A headshot with a .22 rifle, that’s the ticket.

Mandy asks…

how much $ could you save if you grow your own food?

Is there anyone here who grows over 50% of what they eat? I am wondering if growing my own food would make a significant impact in my grocery budget.
If you do grow your own food, what kindof food do you grow and how much? What kind of foods do you still have to go to the grocery store for?

GardenersCardiff answers:

I believe you have to sink some money into growing your own food, i.e. Land, fertilizer, machinery, etc. So I think that any money that would be saved from spending at the grocery store would be offset by the cost of raising your own.

Richard asks…

What are the Pros and Cons of growing your own food?

vegetables, fruits, and chickens?

GardenersCardiff answers:

Vegetables and fruits
- you save money
- you have tastier veggies
- you can freeze them and save them for later so you can have fresh veggies later in the year.
- you know what is going on them, you know how they are grown and what chemicals that you used if any. And you also know who is handling them. Just think about how one works at a job they don’t LOVE… Do you think they wash their hands? Who knows but we eat it anyway.

Cons –
- it’s a lot of work to grow them, daily watering and checking for bugs, harvesting its time consuming and a lot of bending up and down. (for some weird reason i find this fun tho)
- you could not have a green thumb and kill your plants leaving back to the start but your only out a few dollars over a freezer full of burnt veggies.

I do know the fruits are a bit better home grown. They just taste that much better. And it’s the stuff you like so your growing stuff you like.

Chickens – never messed with those. I had a bird once and they are a lot of upkeep. But i’m sure the eggs would be wonderful but I don’t know the first thing about. The work of a bird as a pet/farm animal just seems more work than what I can take on at the moment but I’m very drawn to this if i lose my job.

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