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   Jun 27

Your Questions About Gardening

Michael asks…

This poem may not be your cup of tea…a bit wordy..thoughts?

It’s funny how the most simplest things turn so wrong,
Like you’ve got a melody but no chords to fill the song.
Cause we are all books but our covers are different,
But the only thing that matters are the words inside.
But it’s a shame because too many only look at the cover,
Cause this world has grown lazy to learn to discover.

How bout I take you back to my place so we can sit down,
And talk about all the feelings that keep sending us frowns.
I will go and grab a bucket and fill it up with my tears,
So you can have a taste and see the pain I’ve had in my years.
But your to selfish you see it’s you who wont take a sip,
You will rather be the one who grabs the hearts and rips.

You don’t believe that these ghosts still live among us,
You believe that God brings us to heaven on a bus.
Well life’s not easy and you like to keep it that way,
Instead of a lending a hand you always got something to say.
Well this is the day when the weak become the strong,
And we have our arms linked together for forty miles long.

So I will saddle up on polar bears and go into this Battle,
You see this God you call your own is treating you like cattle.
Don’t follow in the footsteps of a man whose done no wrong,
Make your own damn foot prints so you kids can follow along.
But you wont, your stubborn and you don’t give a sh*t,
So you let in the wonders of God he knows you wont resist.

What a fake….
Amber…sure go ahead if you like it :)

GardenersCardiff answers:

Good god haha. Does every poem you write have to be so good? They all flow and have this great message and these wonderful emotions. This is an amazing poem. I love the part about the tears and tasting them to feel the pain. Beautiful. Well done.

And i don’t think you could ever get too wordy for me.

John asks…

Make your own Pimple Blocker?

School’s starting and i dont have time to get the clearasil pimple blocker pen. Is there a recipe you can use to stop pimples that are slowly growing. or to help get rid of ones that already grow? do you know what’s in a clearasil pimple blocker. Does tea tree oil stop pimples in it’s tracks help!

GardenersCardiff answers:

Rub your face with egg yolk…it works

Thomas asks…

Does mugwort really help you dream?

I read that you can brew mugwort into a tea and it helps you have more dreams that are vivid that you also remember, and that it can also help with lucid dreaming-is this true?

If so is there anywhere i can buy mugwort tea that is of good quality? Or is it best to grow and make your own?

Basically where can i buy mugwort tea, mugwort leaves or mugwort seeds.

GardenersCardiff answers:

Idk about mugwart, but meletonim will cause you to dream and you can get it anywhere

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