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   Jul 30

Your Questions About Gardening

Paul asks…

Is it a good thing to grow your own fruit/vegetables?

My dad stopped growing our vegetable garden when I was young and never explained why. I’d like to see if anybody out there can give some suggestions on how to get started and if it would be reasonable to do.

GardenersCardiff answers:

Of course it’s a good thing! Just a bit of work. Till the land with a good compost to prepare the soil before planting. Start out with things like tomatoes, green peppers, potatoes, carrots, green beans,lettuce, cucumbers – anything that you like to eat really. I find corn to be hard to grow, since I am limited on space and you need it to be several rows thick.

William asks…

How easy is it to grow your own vegetables?

i am a complete novice but love the idea but wouldn’t know where to start! how do i prepare the soil if i even need to?

GardenersCardiff answers:

The easiest and most successful method is: but it can be costly up front. Be sure you till the soil deep and that the garden patch gets at least 8 hours of sunlight daily. Starting from seed it difficult for certain crops, plants are stronger and hold up better to transplanting. I would suggest going to the library and checking a couple of book on the subject. Good luck!

Mary asks…

Do you grow your own vegetables and stuff and eat them?


GardenersCardiff answers:

Always. Healthier that way.

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