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   Sep 24

Your Questions About Gardening

Lizzie asks…

Gardening supplies north hollywood?

where in north hollywood is there a store for gardening (like indoor gardening) that has a website that i can check out right now

GardenersCardiff answers:

Hey Heeeeeey,

Hope I got the number of ‘e’s in your name right, lol. Here are some links, you might have to follow them to second links. There are some great nurseries in LA County, you might like to leave N.Hollywood to go and see some of them. Many yellow page listings (on the internet) also have web sites. Hope this helps you out some.

James asks…

Gardening and Floristry in Australia and New Zealand?

I wanted to ask some Australians and New Zealanders often they shop at Garden/flower shops?

It would be a place that sells Floral Arrangements, live plants (flowers, house plants, bushes, trees), gardening supplies, cards (like for birthdays, romantic cards, Valentine’s Day, and special occasions), some miscellaneous things like candies, jewelry, and statuettes.
I prefer self-employment over corporate employment. I do have a 4 year degree in business, so if I choose not to use my business degree its my option.

GardenersCardiff answers:

Our local Garden Centre has all of those things plus a large gift and kitchen shop and a lovely coffee shop/cafe. I know several keen gardeners who buy plants or garden supplies just about every week (in Australia, we can garden all year ’round) but I only go once a month or so and then only for the cafe and a browse in the kitchen shop. Every suburb used to have a small ‘garden nursery’ that sold only plants and garden supplies and perhaps a few cards and garden ornaments, but they’ve been largely supplanted by huge complexes like the one near us – it would easily cover several acres.

John asks…

Where’s the best place to buy gardening supplies/tools/plants/seeds?

I’m brand new to gardening and want to start gardening in pots. I don’t have a yard so everything will be pretty much in balcony. Since I’m new to this I don’t want to invest too much right away so I want to know where I should start and what place carries the cheapest pots, soil, fertilizer, seeds, etc. Any information related to any of this is welcome! Thanks in advance!
Wow thanks, I never even thought of looking at dollar tree or big lots, will check them out in addition to the others!

GardenersCardiff answers:

Dollar store has the best prices, but their selection is limited. Other than that, Walmart is the cheapest.

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