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   Mar 25

Your Questions About Gardening

Maria asks…

Where can i purchase a wheatgrass juicer and is it easy to grow your own wheatgrass?

where can i purchase a wheatgrass juicer besides online? is it likely that i’ll find it in a health foods store? also where can i buy my own wheatgrass seeds? i’d assume it be more convienant than just going back to the store every couple of days.

GardenersCardiff answers:

Wheatgrass juicer –
wheatgrass seeds –

Nancy asks…

How can I grow wheatgrass?

I am working on wedding plans and right now we are doing an Ohio State/Football/Thanksgiving wedding. An idea I saw online uses wheatgrass to display the escourt cards. Which I love and plan on turning a tray of wheatgrass into a “football” field and have the cards displayed. Another idea I had was to use the wheatgrass in the centerpieces. I’m thinking of using a box and on top of the box is a mirror and candles. Then the box is lined with boxes of wheatgrass. Anybody have adivce on where I can buy it already grown or where to get it to grow my own? I’m reading that it’s hard to grow on your own. Also, if you know can you give me an estimate on how much it costs? Thanks!

GardenersCardiff answers:

Best wedding wishes! This gives the least expensive method for growing the most wheatgrass I found; scroll down past the ads for equipment at the beginning of the page:

Below is a link to three videos on growing wheatgrass:

Mark asks…

What is the difference between wheatgrass & rocket leaves, for instance?

Hello. As most of us, including me, do not own a farm or land, and only a few have a garden in which to grow lots of fresh wheatgrass that can keep a whole family fed wheatgrass on a daily basis, we end up buying wheatgrass dried in sachets or whatever. And I am a little bit skeptic about getting the maximum benefit from it being dried that way.

So a question suddenly hit me one day: why not just eat green leaves like rocket leaves or watercress salad? And I’m not including lettuce, because I do realize that rocket leaves is in a very different league from lettuce.

So how about that? Buying fresh rocket leaves on a daily basis and eating them? Wouldn’t that be more beneficial than drinking dried powder of wheatgrass? Or is there something about wheatgrass specifically as a species that makes it stand out so much?

Please include references or links in your answer when relevant.

Many thanks for everyone taking the time to help & give tips & information.

GardenersCardiff answers:

You can grow them at home using fish boxes (polystyrol) and soil for plants. You only need a little space tohave your home-made wheatgrass.

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