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   Dec 28

Your Questions About Gardening

Donald asks…

How the giant sculptures of the lost garden of heligan are made?

I would like to know how the giant heads giant figures giant hands are made… what are they made of? I would like to create some in my garden.

GardenersCardiff answers:

Modeled in clay, silicon mold, cast in concrete. Easiest way for you to do it would be to get 2″ foam insulation, glue up a block maybe 2′ x 2′ x 1′ and carve out the shape with sharp knives or a hand grinder. Sand down the finished product to smooth. Spray paint it to a mottled grey. (check on a small piece that the spray paint doesn’t melt the foam.) You can coat the sculpture with buttermilk to get moss to grow faster on it Another material to try would be expanding spray foam sprayed into a Box of the right size. Many movie props are made in this way. It should last outdoors for several years, and you wouldn’t need a crane to move it.

Thomas asks…

What should I do with all of the green peppers and tomatoes my Dad keeps giving me? From his garden?

They are sooo yummy!! I give them away, but they just keep growing!! So far I made salsa, BLTs, and I made a hashbrown mix with shredded potatoes, onions, and peppers to keep in my freezer. I also gave a bag to my parents. What else? ANY ideas are wecome!!

GardenersCardiff answers:

I agree that roasting, peeling and packing the peppers is a great idea, but I think that the very best way to enjoy harvest tomatoes all year round is by slow roasting them, and then freezing for a taste of summer in the dark days of winter.

It’s really easy to do. Cut the tomatoes in half, place on a baking sheet, and drizzle a little olive oil and salt over the tops. Bake in a very low oven 150 degrees, for about 6-8 hours. When they’re done, they will have shrank in size, and become slightly caremalized; and the intensity of tomato flavor is incredible. Great for tomato sauces, in chilli or stew, for an easy pizza sauce …or whatever!

These freeze very well in zip lock bags.

Nancy asks…

How do I find a buried electricity cable (that is apparently in my garden somewhere)?

I bought a new house and the electrician installed a mains cable from the garage into the garden. Its a couple of years since he did it and he can’t remember the exact location. The ground has been made up since and I can’t find the cable anywhere.

GardenersCardiff answers:

The C.Scope cable avoidance tool is a full function, industry standard locator which every ground working operative will find familiar and easy to use.
Better by design, the budget priced Cable Avoidance Tool is rugged, lightweight and packed full of features: LCD meter, precision locating as standard. Detachable loud speaker, held next to the ear in noisy work conditions. Fingertip controls, adjust sensitivity and rapid switching between the locator’s three operating modes. Add the powerful C.Scope accessories and the Cable Avoidance Tool is the main component of a versatile pipe and cable tracing system.


* On/off control on handle, activated when in use
* Three position function select switch:
* P – Power mode for detecting live, imbalanced cables
* R – Radio mode for detecting re-radiated radio signals
* G – Generator mode for detecting conductors carrying the signal generated by the generator
* Sensitivity control
* Detachable and user replaceable loudspeaker
* User replaceable base protector
* Display shows signal strength, battery condition, operating mode

Depth of detectionThe C.A.T. Will typically detect conductors to the following depths:

* P – 3 metres
* R – 2 metres
* G – 3 metres

Please note that site conditions such as soil, moisture and temperature can affect these depth performance levels.

Sensitivity at 1 metre (typical)

* P – 7m A RMS
* R – 10uA RMS
* G – 10uA RMS

* Response width – 5% of depth
* Location accuracy – 10% of depth
* Batteries – 8 x AA (Supplied)
* Battery life 40 hours intermittent use at 20 deg C
* Weight 3 kg
* Moisture/dust resistant IP65

You can hire this from HSS, click link to view:

Code Item1st Day Add DayWeekendWeekHire
49510 Cable Avoiding Tool – 33khz £35.00 £17.50 £43.75 £70.00
49512 Auto-Sweep Detector £42.00 £21.00 £52.50 £84.00
49519 Signal Generator 33khz £33.00 £16.50 £41.25 £66.00
49520 Detection Sonde £7.50 £3.75 £9.38 £15.00
49514 Hire Pack 1 £53.00 £26.50 £66.25 £106.00
49515 Hire Pack 2 £60.00 £30.00 £75.00 £120.00

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