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   Dec 29

Your Questions About Gardening

Sharon asks…

Why are people allowed to blare loud gardening tools in the neighbourhood?

I find it annoying.

GardenersCardiff answers:

There are generally times of day when this is permitted.

I actually quite like the sound of a lawnmower working.

Chris asks…

Organising my window cleaning, gardening and carpentry tools in my boot, how?

How can I organize all of my equipment so I can find everything? At the moment, it is all over the place? I want to work as an odd job man, a gardener (only a few tools) and traditional window cleaner- so bucket, squeegee, extendable pole cloths etc

GardenersCardiff answers:

Plastic boxes are great

Lizzie asks…

What do these gardening tools mean to You.?

Spade and a Hoe.
Sorry, I put this in the wrong category by mistake.

GardenersCardiff answers:

A vegetable garden so I can feed myself.
A levelling tool to sow grass and improve the value of my home.
A gardening tool so as to improve the value of my home.
A sanitation tool so as to dig a long drop toilet in emergencies.
A fencing tool so as to put in fence posts so as to identify boundaries around your property.
Tools that all decent, civilised societies used to develop their infrastructure and develop their nations.
Those simple tools are the foundations of all decent societies. I salute the spade and hoe.

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