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   Jan 27

Your Questions About Gardening

Lisa asks…

What are your reasons for practicing herbalism and the herbal arts?

I do it for medicinal reasons (alternative medicine), aromatherapy, kitchen (cooking) and spiritually (use in spellcraft). I have my own herb gardens, growing and harvesting for my own use mostly, but I do share when I can.

GardenersCardiff answers:

I studied aromatherapy when i did my massage training, i use it every day, essentail oils are wonderful for many purposes, from a few drops of tee tree down the drain, to a more creative blend for a ritual, and i love using them in the bath of course! I have used home made herbal teas/infusions quite a lot in the last year as i have had some health issues. Cooking as well,we grow quite a few here, but my hens do damage them..and i do buy some.

Donna asks…

Pagans – To grow or to buy?

For those who work with and use herbs do you grow your own, buy or both?

Right now I buy, but I have been thinking of buying an aero garden or two and growing some of my herbs more so because having moved from vegas I can’t grow things outside year round.

GardenersCardiff answers:

I love to garden so my answer is “Grow”. Many herbs attract butterflies, are good in cooking as well. Some butterflies use particular herbs to lay their eggs on (such as the Black swallowtail and parsley). Two of my favorite places to buy herb plants are:

Great selection!


Good selection and nice to deal with.

With both companies you can request a free catalog.

I’m in zone 5b and there are some herbs that will overwinter or reseed themselves here. Some cultivars of Lavender do fine here but need to be in a raised very well-drained mound with no mulch. To learn about your growing zone, just click on your state:

Chris asks…

is it worth it to dedicate a room in my house for growing my own food?

me and my family were thinking of turning a room inside into a garden . for one my mom is getting sick of the kitchen having plants everywhere lol ( its where i keep my herb collecton but i have like 30 pots in the kitchen and a couple aerogardens so it gets in the way of everything ) and the prices of vegitables are skyrocketting . and if you produce your own food you know everyhing thats in it right , but my question is … is it worth it to burn lights 24 7 to have an indoor garden , like will i save that much money from the grocery store when i start growing my own … i am doing a garden this year out doors but we wanna have fresh stuff all year round and im making a herb garden somewhere regardless lol

GardenersCardiff answers:

I’ve dedicated one room in my house for growing my own pot. It’s working out really well, so go ahead and give it a try!

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