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   Feb 25

Your Questions About Gardening

Lizzie asks…

Gardening Tips for Peas and Watermelon in Canada?

I live in Saskatchewan Canada, and this is my first garden.
I saw one flower on one of my pea plants yesterday, and I am wondering how long they will take to produce now that they have started flowering?
Also I have about 13 watermelon plants that have been doing ok, but a few of them are right next to others, how much space do I need inbetween plants?

Thanks for any help!!

GardenersCardiff answers:

From flower to pea pod takes a week or so.

Watermelon plants, like pumpkins, tend to sprawl. Ideally, you’d have a square metre, at least, per plant. Maybe you should take out some of your seedlings, so the other plants have room to grow. If you’re ruthless about pruning, clipping off the growing tip of the plants, so you have only a few flowers, you’ll get larger melons. If you don’t prune, you’ll get more smaller melons.

How I miss Big Sky Country!!

Mandy asks…

Can anyone give me a web site that offers complete tips on vegetable gardening?

I’m in Texas close to Dallas and am starting a garden this year. I’m planting tomatoes , squash , bell peppers , cucumbers ,okra , and herbs.. The past few years I have had no luck with tomatoes at all and I’ve tried everything. I did the topsy turvy thing last year and my plants got water loged and died. Any tips for me would be great, And also does anyone know anything about having a raised garden?

GardenersCardiff answers:

Hello fellow Dallasite. Check the link for Texas A&M info. Covers everything about our area. Raised garden info is there among a bunch of other info.

I can tell you from experience, planting small tomato varieties will help you be successful. Large tomatoes take too much time to ripen before the heat in mid summer kills the plant. A really good producer with excellent taste is the Sun Gold tomato. And the Butterstick Yellow Zucchini grows well.

Soil amendment is key, so a raised bed with compost as the soil really helps as well.

Laura asks…

I’m new to roses and gardening in general….Any tips for pruning?

I live in an apartment, so I am limited to patio gardening. I have minature roses in an 8 inch pot, and a ‘Victory’ rose (med. sized, also in 8 inch pot) both in Miracle Grow potting soil, in full sun watered daily or as needed.

The mini’s are doing great, I’ve had them for weeks now and they look even better than they did when I bought them, no questions there.

The med sized, ‘Victory’ roses, I have only had for a few days now, they were budding when i bought them and now fully bloomed for the most part. I live in southern california, so frost pruning is not necessary (during the colder months I intend to leave them outside during the day for full sun, and bring them inside at night)

My questions are, when should I prune? And how exactly should it be done?

Also any other tips you think I might need to know.

(Please understand that I am new to gardening in general so if you could explain in detailed lay-man’s terms it would be greatly appreciated.)


GardenersCardiff answers:

Prune in the winter months, but only prune if they have actually grown too big. When you cut the blooms, use pruning shears or scissors and cut the stem just above the closest cluster of 5 leaves from thee bloom. Clip the blooms as soon as they reach full size, and the roses will bloom all year in S ca. I have blooms from March to November in Atlanta. Have 200 rose bushes and 14 rose trees.

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