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   Mar 31

Your Questions About Gardening

Mandy asks…

Has anyone ever heard of a plastic gnomes statue that changes colors with the season ?

I bought a garden gnomes statue at a garage sale. The lady said that it was from Germany and that its face changes with every season. It will change colors 4 times a year ? If anyone has ever seen or heard of such a thing ? I would love to know. I just bought it so Have not had it long enough to verify this. Thank you.

GardenersCardiff answers:

Never heard of such a thing but, maybe it is a special one..keep watching.

Charles asks…

Should I admit I have no kids?

I’ve recently moved to a new area and have had some trouble from the neighbours. It turns out that they don’t enjoy being woken up at 3am by drunken singing of rugby songs, they don’t think it’s funny when the “For Sale” signs get moved to different houses and they want their garden gnomes back.

They’ve got a little posse together, calling themselves a “neighbourhood watch” (pathetic isn’t it?) and they seem to be under the impression that the teenage totty I bring home for entertainment are actually my kids and that they and their friends are responsible for the “undesireable and anti-social behaviour”.

As they’ve got some close to etirement copper on side, should I come clean now and admit it’s me, or should I play along and agree to better discipline my “daughters”?

GardenersCardiff answers:

Play along with it … I want to move in… Nothing better than shaking up a suburb…. Start a neighboor hood watch group and ask everyone over and have a stripper arrive and pretend to be your wife…

Mark asks…

What are 25 ways to protect my family and home from a torrential storm?

Detailed List please.

GardenersCardiff answers:

1) move *the act of packing and moving to a different location. If not possible, continue.

2) depending on your budget, some major re-modeling is in order.

3) install additional braces to your roof trusses.

4) Glue your roof…

(a)During a hurricane, the wind may almost seem to be ripping the roof off your home. So give your roof a bit of reinforcement. With some glue, you can increase your roof’s resistance to wind.
The Federal Alliance for Safe Home recommends you go to your local home improvement store and get premium flooring adhesive. Using a caulking gun, put a small bead of glue to the underside of your roof where the roof and the support beams meet. Be sure to look for an adhesive that has been tested and has a strong rating like APA AFG-01 ASTM D 3498.

5) insure your storm gutters are draining rain ample distance, peferably down hill from your home.

6) insure your storm gutters are free from leaves and other foreign debris.

7) waterproof your basement. You can do it yourself by consulting a sales associate at your local home improvement store. Or you can hire an outside company. Again, depends on your budget.
8) ensure your home is fall distance away from large trees or poles. Trees you can use a chain saw yourself and cut it to fall away from your house. Poles are more tricky to remove. You need to write your congress person and tell them that the utility pole on your property is causing cancer to your child. Then you need to adopt a girl and shave “most” of her hair off… Then get the news to have a heartfelt story on you and your plight. Then, the pole is moved…

9)Back up generators for emergency power. Generators are cheap and run on gas. You can get a decent one at your local home improvement store.

10)Vacuum sealer and large bags. Seal blankets and pillows and the like into these bags. You should vacuum seal the blankets as to keep spiders, mice and other “pests” out.

11) Large bags for your vacuum sealer.

12) sleeping bags for your vacuum sealer

13) invest in a sump pump incase the water comes into your basement.

14) replace your old windows. Newer windows come with an “act of god” warranty.

15) think about installing “impact resistant windows”

16) invest in a flash light that doesn’t require batteries (the one you shake “as seen on T.V.”)

17) invest in a radio that works on gyroscope

18) check the weight on your garage door. Many use the lightest material to save them and ultimately you costs.

19) have tarp handy for if when a hole is blown in your roof, you can patch it up when the eye of the storm is over you.

20) register for the next CCW class (carry concealed weapon). Check state and local laws…

21) practice at a shooting range after obtaining your CCW Permit. You never know when Martial Law will take over….

22) register for CPR courses. It may come in handy…

(a) If you have furniture and other outdoor equipment on your patio or deck, bring them inside when strong weather threatens. Don’t forget trash cans, grills, toys, and potted plants. Keep them from becoming flying objects that can cause additional injury or damage during storms with high winds.

“You would be very surprised about what people don’t think about,” says Chapman-Henderson. “We saw garden gnomes wedged into palm trees. We saw an old record sliced into a tree. We saw sailboats in the tops of trees after Hurricane Andrew,” she said.

24) purchase blow up inner rafts, innertubes ect. Ect (and an air pump) You never know when you will need to float to the nearest shelter after a major storm.

25) go to

“Your next door neighbor Warpath the Battle AXE”

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