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   Apr 24

Your Questions About Gardening

Mary asks…

Why are psychedelic drugs demonized and illegal?

Why are drugs like mushrooms, LSD, mescaline, DMT and other psychedelics illegal and viewed so poorly by the public.

None of these drugs are physically harmful, I’m sure I will get some uneducated answers like “ThEy make U stupid N kill braincells” but that is simply people being ignorant to the facts go do some research, now granted if these drugs are used irresponsibly you can end up mentally scaring your self from having a bad trip but that’s your own fault not the drugs

Answer me this how is DMT a schedule 1 controlled substance when it is produced in your own brain? I mean that makes absolutely no sense, that means every single person on this earth without exception is breaking the law (unless DMT is legal where you live) it just makes no sense at all

I believe psychedelics can be extremely beneficial, in my own experimentation I have really grown both spiritually and as a person, I truly feel sorry for people who go through their whole lives and never have a deep psychedelic experience i mean it is a truly beautiful thing words can not do it justice, I just feel at one with the universe

GardenersCardiff answers:

There will always be someone in power who doesn’t realize the pure stupidity of prohibition of any drugs. They will always grasp for control even over what others put in their bodies, that’s just the state of consciousness that they’re in. And the ones that made the laws tripped DMT every night in their sleep, too:P

Linda asks…

What can I do about this mobile home loan?

My husband and I purchased a mobile home in 2010. We got a loan for it, and we pay a monthly loan payment and lot rent. We were told before purchasing that the home had new windows, appliances, and that the underbelly had been updated with new insulation and was weatherized. We were told that we would qualify for the home tax credit if we closed by 4/30/2010. We were excited to be approved for our own place (we were in an apartment at the time) so we signed. Shortly after we moved in, we received a letter from the park that we still owed them close to $3000, and that we could use our tax credit. We were told that we only needed $1500 down, which we paid before signing. We called them stating that we were never told anything about that, but they said, ‘well, we have your signature on the paper’. I was really unhappy about that, but we paid it. The first winter here, we discovered that the windows were NOT new, as a matter of fact, they leak so bad that the draft will blow papers and our curtains around, and it actually blew snow INSIDE. We also discovered that there was no heat or air coming into certain rooms. My husband went underneath to check the pipes and discovered old insulation with tears and holes everywhere. My son’s room was the worst, so he did a quick check of the vent. It was filled with about 4 gallons of water that we drained, and we found old boards, carpet and padding, so we are assuming that at some point that part of the house flooded and we were never told. This past October, we discovered mushrooms growing along the edge of the bathtub and floor. In November, I had a company do an estimate on new skirting and they told me that we have no dryer vent, that it’s just blowing under the house, which apparently is a fire hazard. They said because of that, my house could be considered not up to code. A few days ago, I pulled the stove out to clean behind it, and noticed standing water. The floor is sunken in as well; there is a gap between the floor and the wall. The stove shares a wall with the hot water heater- the stove is on one side, the hot water heater on the other in a small closet. There is water behind the water heater as well, and it’s leaning backward on a strange angle. The floor in there is warped as well. We still owe around $30,000 or so, but learned that it’s not worth much more than $10,000. I am meeting with a lawyer on Monday because I feel that we were misled about the condition of this home, and that we were cheated into purchasing it. If we do not have a case, I have no choice but to file bankruptcy. How will I be able to find a new place to live? I have three children and I am scared I won’t be able to find new living arrangements. Do I have any options? Can I apply for something else before all of this is final?
I have a consultation with a lawyer Monday morning, as stated above. And this isn’t a legal question per se, I was just giving background on WHY I was seeing a lawyer. I just wanted to know if anyone knew how I can find somewhere else to live while this is going on.
I’m not going to walk away from it. I am going to file bankruptcy if I do not have grounds for a landlord/tenant dispute. And no, I don’t have a lease for lot rent. I just talked to the office about what was going on, as we are not the only ones with complaints. She told me, off the record, that as long as we are not behind on lot rent, we are free and clear with them. The mortgage I have (throught 21st Mortgage) has nothing to do with the owners of the park.

GardenersCardiff answers:

As you can see from the responses here, there are plenty of scammers around. You really need to speak to a lawyer about this, Yahoo is not the place to look for answers to legal questions.

Michael asks…

To all my fellow flutists?

As you have probably guessed, I play the flute. I am merely a beginner, but I have a cleaning question.
So about a week or so before school let out, my family and I went on vacation. I left my flute at the school while we were gone, and I’m sorry to say, that I forgot to clean it before I left. When I came back, we were finished playing for the year, so I forgot to clean it ( I had realized my mistake of not cleaning it on vacation, and when we got back it slipped my mind, AGAIN!). I own the flute, I did not rent it, so I brought it home, and, thinking I had cleaned it (because I usually do), I forgot about it. I haven’t played all summer, but yesterday I took it out to practice ( I wanted to try for first chair this year, all the other flute players rent) and it took awhile to get it together. The tuning slide (tenon?) was kind of greenish-brown, but not rusted, really; just dirty-looking. The lip plate was kind of dirty-looking too, like I could rub it off with my thumb; but it didn’t come off. The tenon on the body joint (it connects to foot joint) was the same was as the head joint tenon. I put the body up to the light and looked through it, and it was greenish. Not rusted. Nothing is growing, like mushrooms, but I think it might be mold. The foot joint is the same way on the inside (I cant see in the head joint).
Sorry that was so long!
Is there some kind of cleaner I could use, or could I find a cleaner to use in a Walmart? Is there some kind of giant scrub brush I could stick in there to clean it?
I have already tried to clean it with the basic stuff, (sorry, I dont know the names of these things…) the stick that you put the cloth through and run it up and down your flute, the really soft cloth, and the really large Q-tip thing.
Thanks SOOOOO much in advance! School starts August 25, so HURRY!! PLEASE!
*The brown eyed girl*

GardenersCardiff answers:

I’ve been playing flute for 8 years, and i my self own a gemeinhardt. Whatever you do, do not use bleach. Some use rubbing alcohol but i just use windex. I’m sure theres a better, more expensive cleaner out there. Dont be afraid to ask fellow members, or your director.

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