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   Jun 21

Your Questions About Gardening

Mandy asks…

Is there an easy way to take rust of my garden tools?

I have rust on some of my garden tools and am looking for an easy way to remove it.
It’s on my axe, spade, tree saw and and my small pruners.

I would prefer not having to try to grind it off.
The coke idea sounds pretty popular. I’ll have to try that on my bbq plate too with some steel wool and see what happens.

GardenersCardiff answers:

I use a wire brush on my garden tools, then give them a light coat of oil applied with a couple of paper towels. You can sharpen and even out the blades with a hand file or a grinder, again being sure to lightly oil the area after sharpening. If you use some of these tools frequently, try a small bucket of sand into which you’ve poured motor oil. Use a bucket with a cover. When you clean your tools, plunge them up and down into the oiled sand until clean, then wipe off any excess sand. This works great with spades, shovels, etc. Another tip: If you must dig in muddy ground, oil the tool before you begin digging. That will help keep mud from building up on the blade. Clean immediately after the job.

Linda asks…

What gardening tool is the BEST for lifting stubborn soil [or shrubs really] that most of the work FOR YOU?

and rather quickly at that …….. so I don’t have to spend all live long day laboring, and can just enjoy planting seeds
actually I like doing the work but want really effective tools even if they cost a fortune, think it would be a great investment

GardenersCardiff answers:

A good heavy duty rear tined rototiller will take care of the soil and if you cut the shrubs down to the ground first it will digup the roots if they are not to large. You can probably rent one at a local rental yard for a day and see if it does what you need before you purchase one

Donna asks…

what paint should I put on metal garden tools?

Hi I’m restoring a couple of metal Garden tools.

I’ve painted it with “Krust” to treat the rust, I now need to paint over it what paint should I use?
would something like “hammer-rite” do the job, or do I need something more specific?

GardenersCardiff answers:

Any kind for the part that needs painted. You do not paint the working part. A light coat of oil is all it needs. If you are going to leave the tools out in the weather, you may as well not have them.

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