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   Jul 26

Your Questions About Gardening

Mandy asks…

A question about a slug i found?

I found this slug it was found under a new Golden cane palm tree or something like that and its white and on the top of it right in the middle is a uneven triangle and then around the bottom is surrounded with a red line does anyone know what it is
and i think its about 6cm,5cm
and im from australia, sydney and its like 3.5 cm wide and u can really see the red its a wide line
i found out iot was a Red Triangle Slug are they poisonous

GardenersCardiff answers:

Sounds like a Ghost Slug that just ate a worm.


Cardiff University and the National Museum of Wales are asking gardeners to keep a look out for the white slugs and report sightings of the new species.

David asks…

In your country,how do they view the Scottish people?

GardenersCardiff answers:

I was living in Spain a few years back and asked people if they knew any famous Scottish people and several times the answer I got was the grumpy gardener in the Simpsons (el jardinero de mal humor en los Simpsones).

Make of that what you will!

I live in Cardiff and, based on my visit to the Highlands in 2004, I’d say “well hidden” as every barman and B&B owner I met had an English accent!

Donna asks…

Calling all UK actors…!?

I’d really appreciate if anyone could give me some advice on how I could continue and progress in my acting career! So far I’ve done unpaid short films and plays, professional extra work in movies/tv/commericials and had a role in a Skittles advert. I’m from Cornwall and currently live in Bath. The move to Bath was supposed to help me reach Bristol, Cardiff and London easier for more opportunities, but I’ve found that I’ve had to spend ALL my time working regular jobs to pay rent/bills etc… The aim is to hit London by June/July 2013, it’s just annoying to think that I’d just have to work all the time there too and have no time for auditions, castings, rehearsals and so on. From your experience, what can you recommend I do? Fully go for just acting work immediately and hope to land a job? Move back home and commute from Cornwall, so I don’t have to worry about money/living? Go to London and fully indulge into actively seeking acting jobs? Thank you for your time!

GardenersCardiff answers:

“Fully go for acting work so I don’t have to worry about money/living” ! Oh Steven P. How I sympathise with you! OK Straight answer first yes, leave your beautiful Cornwall and get yourself to London. Quite simply there is just so much more opportunity there than in Cornwall. But, please, do not delude yourself that you will be able to spend all your time looking for acting work, you will still have to support yourself! But, again, there is just so much more opportunity to do that in London. I am in my late fifties and have done all kinds of acting work everywhere from the Outer Hebrides to New Delhi. I’ve had some time in the public Spotlight and big roles but for the most part it has been a case of taking what I can, when I can, where I can, never giving up and working constantly for the next opportunity. But, yes, to do that I have also had to earn a living and I have done that (at the last count) in forty nine different ways. So you will have to do anything and everything to pursue your dream and your career, which is acting. So go to London, use the Contacts book published by Spotlight and pursue your career relentlessly, fully, never giving up and never being disheartened by rejection, While you are doing that; work in bars, clean offices, be an office clerk, work as a hospital orderly, do a bit of reporting and writing, be a gardener, drive a delivery van, do tele-sales anything and everything to pursue your real career of acting. Just keep at it, maybe you will get that big role that will enable you to give up “the day job”, may be it will come and go and come again, maybe it wont happen just yet. But keep the dream burning and keep at it. The very best of luck to you, from the age of 59, I assure you it is worth it and you will be fine!

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