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   Jul 30

Your Questions About Gardening

Linda asks…

Horse vitamin supplements?

What are most horse vitamin/nutrient supplements made up of? Like different herbs and grasses or grains? If one had the room would it be possible to grow your own “supplements”?

I am just talking about supplements for horses who regular feed is lacking in some sort of vitamin or nutrient.

GardenersCardiff answers:

I’m posting a couple veterinary articles that you should take a look at. The best source of vitamins is in the regular feed, but supplements can be needed in some circumstances. Anyway, these are good informative articles you might find helpful.


Jenny asks…

Can someone help me with my epilepsy?

This is going to be long so thank you all for your time. Ok I have epilepsy and had it since I was 15 and now I am 23. How I got it I dont know. Both neither side on my mom or dad have had a history of seizures. But on my mom side there are history of migraine headaches. So I honestly don’t know. What I do know is that my family keeps saying and thinks I am seizure free since my meds prevent the seizures and I should get off it. For 2 years I was living with my fiance in Arkansas and I was getting the name brand medicine Depakote ER for 5 dollars at an Christian clinic. You know how much it cost at wal-greens for my name brand 250 F-ING DOLLARS!!! Me and my fiance now live in Florida where laws here suck. Anyways what makes me mad is my mother and grandma keep saying I should “wing off” my meds. My doctors and even I have done the research told me that going off your meds you are still gambling with your life of having another seizure. My doctor told me that she knew a lady that was off her meds and and 18 years later BOOM she was on the floor. There is no cure for epilepsy. Some people come off the meds and are cure. Some come off and have them again. Me I am not going to take the gamble. If I come off my meds this is what is going to happen.

A. I need to be watched under close supervision
B. I cant drive a car, say I was to wreck and kill someone
C. I could not work, say I was to have one at work (I have seem them and people freak out)
D. I could die if I hit my head wrong duhhhh!!!!

So now not only is $250 dollars coming out my wallets every month to these stupid pharmacists. But my doctor tells me that I need to plan sometime in the near future to wing off my meds. The reason why is because it can damage my liver and cause arthritis. I for sure as hell don’t need a liver transplant cause thats fatal. Now I did talk to my doc and I did bring up the subject about medical marijuana. She to did agree with me and also told me in college that they did studies on how cannabis stimulates the brain waves and prevents seizures. She said that marijuana has great values only problem is I cant get prescribed marijuana here in Florida. This is like the last state it will be legal in. I tell my family about it and they say I dont need to smoke dope. I said it not dope its natural herb and your doing it through a vaporizer so there is no harm to your lungs. I just hate how my family wanna say wing it off when they don’t have to worrie about there health. Alot easier said than done right? Well my plan is I want to get off the meds maybe get a good job and california and move there and grow me own herbs and maybe help other people out like me. Well folks tell me if your in the same boat as me or if you got a plan. 5 stars to who answers the best

PS thanks for taking your time to read my issue :D

GardenersCardiff answers:

Why can’t you try a different anti seizure medication and in the meantime take generic so you’re saving money?

Given that there haven’t been enough studies about pot to prevent seizures, it is a stupid gamble unless you’re just going to go off your medication.

Also, having a seizure at work doesn’t mean you won’t be able to work once you’re okay to do so. People freak out because they don’t know what to do.

By the way, epilepsy is NOT a mental health issue.

Betty asks…

How do you grow your own herbs?

Can u pls tell me in basic steps how to grow your own herbs? Like what equipment is needed, growing conditions, etc. Thanks!

GardenersCardiff answers:

Depends what herbs u wanna grow. Or then: Simple. All you need is dirt, the seeds of what you need to grow, water and a shovel. If ur going to grow them in pots then u don’t need a shovel. Now, sow the seeds in the dirt and cover it up and water it. In about 20 days it will start growing. Make sure you “MARK WHERE YOU PLANTED THE HERB”. Like again, you haven’t said what types of herbs so I cant say what season u need to plant it in.

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