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   Apr 22

Your Questions About Gardening

Sandra asks…

What are some blogs/magazines that showcase houses & gardens & buildings?

I like looking at architecture and I’m looking for a blogs and/or magazines that feature nice houses and buildings. I’m not so much into modern architecture, but more European/urban townhouse/cute cottages style architecture. I’m not sure where I can find this type of thing though…help?

I’m looking for exterior architecture, not interior design, and something that deals with small houses not huge mansions.

Thank you :)

GardenersCardiff answers:

Better Homes & Gardens, Sunset Magazine, Martha Stewart Living Magazine & Coastal Living are all very good ones Visit a few garden sites, too, Spring Hill Nursery is my personal favorite.
He architural BIBLE in the Archetecural Digest Magazine. (Bar none) Look for magazines that specilize in the typef of architecture of what you’re looking for. Country Living is a good one.
And do a google search for Engliisshj Country homes And English Country Gardens,

Before you start spending money on plant material. Puchase t Western Garden Book. It;s the best to assist you with plants and flowers that will grow best in your growing zone. They provide excellent photos of garden ideas,too.

Laura asks…

Looking for garden/home improvement forums or blogs. Suggestions?

I would like to find some different websites that have open forums/blogs, etc where regular peoples and/or companies can talk about projects and products and what not.

any suggestions would be great!

GardenersCardiff answers:

Susan asks…

What’s a good gardening blog?

My GF is trying to study up for planting a garden next year. Any suggestions for helpful blogs or websites? Thanks.

GardenersCardiff answers:

Dave’s Garden has encyclopedic amounts of information available. They also have GardenWatchdog, which gives feedback on many mailorder gardening companies, so she can check out reputations before she places any orders.

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