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   Apr 23

Your Questions About Gardening

Jenny asks…

How to go about opening your own dance studio? (in Washington, Seattle) (but from California)?

i plan to move to Seattle to start and open a dance studio? im really into hiphop, but should i establish the studio just as only Hip Hop to be taught, or other genres of dance as well? (ballet, jazz, contemporary, etc.) because there is already too many ballet studios there.

Also was just wondering if anyone could tell me how i should go about opening a dance studio. I was wondering if you would have to have a degree? I would like to open my own studio and also maybe be a teaher. Would it be a problem if I would only minor in dance and want to open a studio? What classes should i take? im from CA, but im going to move to Seattle the city of Art to open my studio there. And is owning your own studio a fulI time hard job? i want to do all the hard work at first and then when im finally finished establishing my studio, i want to sit back and relax and dance. (and let the income grow of course) would that be possible? Please, i need all the info you can give me on this topic. Thanks

GardenersCardiff answers:

Well, coz its a business, you might need to get a business degree first (dunno about US law, but its required in British Law), then you need to look for an ideal location (disused warehouse/office might be your best bet) and it is a full timejob running a business…..

And it is possbile to just teach people to dance, and let the money roll in. It might be a better idea to open up in California, coz people there are bloody minted….

Helen asks…

Is handing out cd’s on the street of your own music illegal?

A buddy of mine is a rapper, caucasion, both me and him are, and I help him promote, and we just started promoting his first demo cd that is professionally recorded at a local studio with 9 tracks. We went to a nearby city near our home town after a big rap concert was over, Lil Wayne, Niki Minaj, Travis Barker, and Rick Ross, and walked up and down the street handing out free demo cd’s to people walking to their cars after the concert was over. We just said, check this out, free demo, let me know what you think, I’d appreciate it. Some took the cd and some did not? We did not hand out to many, but the cd’s we did hand out to half of them happened to actually be local rappers where they were from, and one random person worked at the club, where the after party was going to be at after the concert, and Lil Wayne was going to head over to that club after the concert. We didn’t know he even worked at the big hip hop club, just randomly happened to walk by his car, so we got something accomplished last night. You never know what hands the demo cds got into, but some of them were rappers. Don’t know too much about the business laws of the music business and promotional laws, but can a local artists just walk the streets of a city, or sit at gas stations, and hand out free demo’s? I wouldn’t think it is, but I know a local rap artist here, and she has her own music booth that she pays money for to use at a flea market to sell her cd’s and to promote. A group of black people in a Capris happened to be rappers, and I went up to their car at a gas station, and they said we are rappers, and one dude said, I hope you aren’t bull shittin us, because I don’t look like a rapper or anything, my buddy is, and I said no, he is tryin, just appreciate it if you would check him out, so we did get some negative vibes when we trying to hand out demos. My buddy still has to grow, but he’s got some songs that go really hard with real talk and good lyrics, just that a couple people were skeptical and didn’t take a cd from us. Would there be like a fine or something, cuz there were cops up and down the street, by the collesium the concert was at when we were handing out the demos?

GardenersCardiff answers:

It’s not illegal, Its your own material, if it was other peoples material on there, then yeah, it would be illegal

Lisa asks…

Do you buy onions, corn, sugar, grains, fruits, potatoes, beans, mint, or beer in the grocery store?

Would you like to know how many applications of pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, and miticides each of these crops has applied each and every year?

Click on this link, scroll down and look at the shocking charts:

Did you know onions have at least TWENTY TWO applications of chemicals in a single season?

By the way for those who do not know, most of the sugar in the U.S.A. is now made from sugar beets, not cane sugar.

Hops of course make beer.

Field corn is what is fed to livestock as it is being raise for meat, eggs, or dairy.

After viewing the charts, do you think you will buy more of your produce from small farmers, who do not use these chemicals, or at farmers markets, or possibly grow your own garden?

Just currious about how people feel, when faced with the reality of the oil based chemicals that are going onto our food crops.

GardenersCardiff answers:

How do I feel about it? Distraught. “No problems so far” is one hell of a scary statement.

An old golf course guy explained it to me 30 years ago. After years of applying chemicals to the soil to keep the grass green and growing, eventually the soil dies. No further application of any agent will get the grass to grow again. They would have to scrap off the topsoil, truck more in and start over. He said the sustainable solution for your lawn is to use only lime, organic fertilizer, aerate and reseed. And accept a few weeds.

We are doing this to an entire continent. The soil is dead, the worms are gone. It takes years to rehabilitate dead soil. Should we wait for total collapse? Or begin the transition to sustainable agriculture now?

I have one goal now. My wife has stayed home with the kids while I work. The kids are in school now. She is going to continue her career and I am going to stay home and build the farmstead. I just hope I have enough time.

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