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   Sep 25

Your Questions About Gardening

Ken asks…

do you have some tips on gardening or landscapping?

i want to be creative in my garden, i want it to look beautiful but on my hands on creation, can you help me?

GardenersCardiff answers:

Talk to someone at your local nusary, most are more than willing to share knowledge. My best tips would be to use the highest quality soil and slow release plant food.

Laura asks…

what are some easy flowers to plant, that bloom for a long time and come back next year? & Gardening Tips???

I’d like to garden some Outdoors.
Indoors, I’ve killed an orchid, violets, some green plant my mother said was impossible to kill, among others.

I have no clue what I am doing.

Please tell me what to do down to the last detail as if I was mentally impaired.

GardenersCardiff answers:

Daylilies. Start with daylilies. They come in a gazillion colors, bloom for weeks, come back year after year. Buy a one gallon size for impact, dig a hole, plop it in, fill in the hole, push the dirt down and water it. No muss no fuss no bother.

Coreopsis. Great workhorse plant. Pot or in the ground, same scenario. They’ll literally bloom til the tops freeze.

Iris. Unless you water them to death they’re pretty bulletproof. Buy them potted, this time of year. Do not put dirt past the level they’re planted in the pot. Bearded iris are my favorites, but there are other varieties…ask at your nursery.

Peonies. Another bulletproof selection. Again, buy them potted this time of year.

Sedum. Gotta love a good succulent.

All these like full sun. The daylily will grow and bloom in part sun, but not as well as they do in open ground. Also, all of these will grow just about anywhere in the country. Halfway decent soil that’s not real wet will give you results.

For shade, try bleeding hearts, columbine, dead nettle, sweet woodruff, hosta, ferns, cordyline, monkshood, and lily-of-the-valley. Same basics, dig a hole and drop it in. If you can grow fairly impressive weeds, your soil should support these.

Get yourself a Western Garden Book if you’re really serious. It’ll answer most of your questions. Good luck!

Nancy asks…

REPOST>Help needed> gardening tips for plastic plants?

GardenersCardiff answers:

Prune them & stick them in plastic soil & they’ll do just fine!

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