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   Nov 25

Your Questions About Gardening

Donna asks…

What is a tywbil,It is an old garden tool,but for what purpose?

It is an old garden tool,but for what purpose?

GardenersCardiff answers:

Here’s a website addressing it:

Sandy asks…

Need help with a Mother’s day gift! Any good gardening things out there?

My father passed away a couple months ago and I want to get my mom something special. She loves to garden and my dad and her use to share that bond. Is there any new great gardening tools or things out there that you recommend?

GardenersCardiff answers:

Sorry abou your dad. Looks like your mom will have to alter some of her jobs. I am an older woman and would recomend an electric tiller, potting bench or an outdoor watering station. The tiller is light weight, there are a bunch of benches and the watering is handy when you’re pulling weeds on an easier after the rain day and don’t want to mess up inside. Good luck!

Betty asks…

What is the best tool to sharpen the blade on by-pass hand pruners?

I bought a pair I love at the dollar store of all places, but after a few seasons they are getting a little dull and I’ve never sharpened garden tools.

I’ve looked at a few instructions on-line, and I can handle the taking them apart and cleaning…but I can’t figure out what tool is actually best for sharpening the blade itself, and all the instructions must be written by people who assume I would know that…is it a stone, a drill attachment, what?

Thanks all
Be well

GardenersCardiff answers:

Sharpening tools is an art but a satisfying one to master. Better to learn on your dollar store delight than a $90 Felco.
I sharpen most of my knives, pruners and other handtools with one of these.



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