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   Dec 24

Your Questions About Gardening

Jenny asks…

How do you grow large zucchini for stuff zucchini?

what are some gardening tips?

GardenersCardiff answers:

U water them and feed them and give them sun and MIRACLE GROW

Mary asks…

WHAT are the best flowers to grow in the NT.can we grow lilliums.?

all gardening tips will be appreciated.

GardenersCardiff answers:

What is the NT? Don’t forget, this is an international site and what you take for granted, some of us have never heard of!

Robert asks…

Tips for planting vegetable garden in zone 6?

I’m a newbie gardener, but I want to try planting a small vegetable garden this summer. I’m thinking of focusing on a few plants, maybe lettuce, onions, radishes, bush beans, tomatos and peppers. Will these types of plants grow well in zone 6 (Southwest PA)?

Also, when is the best time to start planting? Soon, right? I’m also not sure if I should start with seeds, or buy the plants from the store and plant those in the ground.

Obviously, I have no idea what I’m doing, so any gardening tips would be greatly appreciated! I want my garden to be a success!

Thank you.

GardenersCardiff answers:

An old wise tale is plant after you can place your bare bottom on the dirt comfortably! I would highly advise you not to plant until the ground teperature is above 50 degrees. Your seeds will not germinate until they reach the 50 degree mark. How do you know? Take your kitchen thermometer (cooking thermometer and go out at like 9 AM and place it in the ground 1.5-2 inches wait about 10 minutes and check the temperature. For a newbie gardener i would also recommend purchasing your tomatoes and peppers as plants not by seed. You should be fine planting all of those that you wish to plant!
Good Luck!!

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