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   Dec 30

Your Questions About Gardening

Michael asks…

How can I make a potted herb mini-garden?

I want to make a potted herb garden for a Christmas gift for my dad. He loves cooking and all, and I’d like to make it with the following herbs
-Tarragon or thyme

Can these herbs be store bought as clippings and planted directly in soil? I’ve heard of just using a clipping of a mature plant and letting it grow in the soil. Is it possible for these herbs? Do I have to get seeds or buy plants?

GardenersCardiff answers:

That would be a wonderful gift. If he has a window in the kitchen, it would be a perfect place for a herb garden.

Stores do not sell clippings. So buy the plants already growing in small pots. OR you can plant seeds in pots, keep moist not wet until you see the green appear.
OR give your dad pots that match, GOOD potting soil, and the seeds. Let him grow his own.

Take a look at this (but I am sure you can buy this locally at stores such as Home Depot or Lowes, at gardening centers and nurseries:

Mary asks…

What is a good gift to get a neighbor for her birthday?

She is turning 60 – but acts and looks more like 45

She is a teacher – but retiring this year.

She LOVES gardening ( but i dont know anything about gardening so i have no idea of what to get her in that department )

I want to spend around 20/25 dollars.

ANY ideas? it doesnt have to do with gardeneing – it could be anything.

GardenersCardiff answers:

A gift card for a gardening place, or for a place she likes to eat.

William asks…

What are good gifts for a friend who was promoted to a manager?

I have a friend I work with that was recently promoted to being a manager of a team. I am looked for good suggestions for some gifts for her. They must travel well – wither through mail or via air travel as I will be visiting her next week.

GardenersCardiff answers:

Money plant and a card

maybe a zen garden
maybe a travel book or any sort of book that can help pass time on a plane or waiting in line!

Maybe make a collage of the old friend in old job and then show the improvement!

Ask them what they need and get them that!
Out of suggestions now !
Good luck
and tell your friend Kudo’s

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