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   Jan 30

Your Questions About Gardening

Mandy asks…

The poem would be most appropriate in a… Gardening magazine Cookbook Literary magazine Novel POINT VALU?

The poem would be most appropriate in a…

Gardening magazine
Literary magazine
POINT VALUE: 2.0 points

The author implies that…

The author is angry about an enemy stealing his apples
His friend took apples from his yard
A foe of his broke into his house
The author shared his anger in one instance and kept his anger to himself in another.
POINT VALUE: 3.0 points

All of the following can be inferred except…

Talking things out with a friend can settle issues.
Pent up anger can be dangerous for the person it is directed toward.
Tears and smiles can yield a bountiful apple harvest.
Wrath is something that has to be nurtured to grow.
POINT VALUE: 3.0 points

Why might the foe want the apple even though he knows it is the narrator’s?

He is hungry
He is in need of nourishment
Because it is the narrator’s
To exact revenge

GardenersCardiff answers:

1) literary magazine
2) the author shared his anger in one instance, and kept it to himself in another
3) tears and smiles can yield a bountiful apple harvest
4) to exact revenge

Jenny asks…

I am trying to locate recent (within the last 2 yrs) article regarding Piet Oudolf, a landscape designer.?

I recall seeing an article about Oudolf (and his wife) which showed pictures of his garden in the Netherlands and offered general information about his work. The article appeared in a U.S. gardening magazine( I think). My internet searches have not appeared to locate the specific article. I have an article about him from Fine Gardening (February, 04) – it is not the article I am trying to find. Thanks

GardenersCardiff answers:


This last site will give you pics.

James asks…

Anyone have Better Homes and Gardens – January 2007?

We are remodeling our kitchen, and we liked a kitchen we saw in a Better Homes and Gardens magazine. My wife tore out the page, page Z4 from January 2007 issue. I got this issue out of the library, but no page Z4 (z as in zebra) (Better by Design – Comfort comes to the kitchen article). It must have been some supplement. Does anyone have this issue with this page? We are desperate for the kitchen specs from this article, which they often print at the end of the magazine. Please let me know if you have it, or have an idea what magazine it is really in…thanks!

GardenersCardiff answers:

Go to their home page and click on customer service in the upper right hand corner. Perhaps they will e-mail or fax that page. Or perhaps they have back issues for sale.

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