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   Feb 24

Your Questions About Gardening

Maria asks…

i have no clue what im doing but im starting a garden looking for advice and tips?

im looking to start a garden. i have not a clue what im doing but im going to try it out. need a hobby. ive been reading books and watching some gardening shows. i started this weekend by shoveling the spot that i want to have the garden. i bought a few tomato plants and a few pepper plants but havent planted them yet.

just looking for any advice or tips on how to make this an easy painless experience starting out.

GardenersCardiff answers:

Start small, to start with–you’re on the right track with just a few easy plants first.

When you plant your tomato plants, notice that there are little bumps along the bottom of the stem. These are also roots, and you can plant the tomatoes up to the top of these, which will root them better, and they’ll be less likely to fall over.

Also, you may want to put down a layer of black plastic before you plant, then cut X’s in it where you plant the plant–that way, you won’t spend all your time weeding, plus it holds in moisture.

Check the backs of your packs of seeds–they’re very good about telling you what zone you’re in, and when you should be planting what.

Unless you LOVE zucchini, tomatoes, or peppers, or you have a big circle of friends, don’t plant a lot of them–one year we planted 60 pepper plants and 120 tomato plants (my husband’s idea, not mine), and we were taking out a bushel of produce twice a week!

Nancy asks…

What are some pretty colorful flowers that bloom in the winter in zone 7?

I need some hardy flowers or shrubs no taller than a 2 feet. I live in Zone 7 there is never snow. My landscape right now consist of boxwood and rose trees… What can you suggest for me?
Flowers or shubs with color would be appreciated

GardenersCardiff answers:

Here you go.

David asks…

How to know which native plants are good for a flower garden?

There are so many pretty plants and wildflowers along the roadside right now. How can I learn which ones would make a good flower garden without the neighbors thinking I have a weed bed?

GardenersCardiff answers:

Your state or one of your surrounding states that are in the same gardening zone as you are should be a good resource for you. Also, there are often smaller garden centers that specialize in native plants and they are often very happy to provide advice.

Try searching with key words such as : native plants – horticulture -and then name of your state. Or gardening with native plants and the name of your state.

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