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   Mar 23

Your Questions About Gardening

Thomas asks…

Best potted plants to garden with?

My backyard looks absolutely dreadful, and I wanted to start a garden. I don’t have much experience with gardening, except raising a tomato plant from seed. I want to use potted plants, because it will be faster. So which plants are best for this? (Plants that are low maintenance, but very nice looking)
Canada/US border.

GardenersCardiff answers:

Approx where do you live (growing zone)? Full sun or part sun or shade? Flowers or veggies? How big of pots are you willing to get?

Flowers that are super easy, good in sun and in pots are french marigolds, petunias and zinnias (and many others)

Flowers good in shade easy in pots are coleus, hypoestes, impatiens which they will all take a little sun.

Veggies that do good in pots are tomatoes, peppers, herbs, eggplant, lettuce, green beans (not worth it for squash, pumpkins, cukes – too big, and grocery store stuff is almost as good) All need full sun, although if it’s a hot day, you can move that lettuce to a shady spot so it doesn’t bolt (produce seeds and get bad tasting)

Linda asks…

I want to start my own garden in Southeast Texas and I am wondering what are the best vegetable and herb plant

I want to start my own garden in Southeast Texas and I am wondering what are the best vegetable and herb plants? Its hard to find a website with a defined region in the United States.
Also what type of shading the plant would require would be nice!

GardenersCardiff answers:

In the first link, a similar question (about growing veggies in Dallas) was asked in April.

Scroll down the page to a post by suze9 – she’s from S.E. Texas – She’s got more than one post that might offer some helpful insight.

The second link is to the USDA Plant Hardiness Zone map for zones 4b through 9b which includes Dallas, Austin, Houston and Brownsville, each of them somewhat different.

Other link goes to Gurney Seed and Nursery…menu on left of screen is for their veggie plants – above that is the link for their vegetable seeds. I didn’t go through each link for the zone info so you’ll have to do that yourself :)

Also, Betty’s Bloomers Nursery is in Silsbee, TX. In the article I read, it’s mentioned that the nursery is in S.E. Texas, so may be another resource for you! Phone: 409-385-4892 – email; kay@bettysbloomersn

Hope you find this helpful! :)

William asks…

Does anyone have any great ideas on gardening a gravesite. Flowers, small bushes and such?

I have been tending a family plot for several years. Then my grandmother passed last August, and all my gardening was upheaved. But now the plot is full, nobody else will be buried there any more, and I would need to start from scratch. Any ideas on planting flowers that will come back next year and maybe a small type bush?

GardenersCardiff answers:

You left out what growing zone you are in. One very awesome ground cover is roman chamomile … It’s perennial, not to be confused with German chamomile which is an annual. It’s beautiful … Covered with little daises in the summer, and stand up to walking on. When touched it gives off the smell of apples.
A small tough, but very fragrant shrub I like is a type of fragrant rose that needs no care an stand up to harsh conditions … Rosa rugosa.

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