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   Apr 22

Your Questions About Gardening

Susan asks…

can some one give some help on this ?

So first of all , i’m planning on growing my own tobacco, and I have heard or more like read, that the havana tobacco is quite easy to grow and has a good taste, is it true ?
Second because i’m going to smoke a pipe, i was wondering if there his ,besides the havana, any type of tobacco that I should plant and also how thick should I cut those leaves, after the color curing.

I hope you guys can help me out on this , and most of all thank you for all the questions.

GardenersCardiff answers:

Take your pick … These links explain it better than I can…


Thomas asks…

Is it legal in CA to grow 1 pot of tobacco?

Like one flower pot, single plant of tobacco that’s found in cigarettes, for personal use? I don’t like the store cigs with all the cancer causing addictive chemicals mixed in the tobacco, would rather grow a tiny bit for my own use – don’t see how it could be illegal. Any ideas? No different than growing my own tomatoes cuz i don’t want to buy genetically engineered pesticide sprayed ones from the store.

GardenersCardiff answers:

It’s legal for personal use only. As long as it’s for you, then grow away.

Charles asks…

Should I invest in tobacco and rolling papers since people will be rolling their own pretty soon?

Prices nationwide range between $4 a pack to around $9 per pack (depending on where your at).

Most of this price increase is due to new “sin taxes” = smokers are bad for smoking, tax them.

But won’t people eventually realize one small investment in a rolling machine, rolling papers, and your own tobacco would save A FORTUNE?

GardenersCardiff answers:

Well if you like to smoke it’s a good idea, but do it quick before gov makes growing it illegal.
I have mine in grow boxes and planning on cigars.
Yea, a tax to pay for kids health care and the gov admitted they would need 22 million more smokers to fully fund the program.

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