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   May 22

Your Questions About Gardening

Sandy asks…

What can be an appropriate tittle to a magazine containing only the information about ancient Greece?

im tasked to make a magazine or brochure containing all of in formations about ancient Greece then, what tittle i will make? can you make any suggestions?

GardenersCardiff answers:

The Agora Times – The agora was the business, shopping and all around public district of cities. It’s also where we get the word agoraphobia which means a fear of public places or leaving your home.

The Garden Gazette – The philosopher Epicurus held his classes in a tranquil serene setting he called “The Garden”

Some more obvious ones would be:

Parthenon Publishing
Athenian Chronicle
Spartan News
The Mount Olympus Tribune
Hercules Herald

The possiblities really are endless. Good luck!

Steven asks…

How and where to sell magazine subscriptions?

At our school we are trying to raise money for our trip to go to camp for a week. We are doing a fundraiser where we sell magazine subscriptions. How should I sell them and where? Please no outrageous answers! I will be going door to door, but with someone. So I will be safe.

GardenersCardiff answers:

Selling magazines is tough, but it can be good experience for you.

Try to be creative in your selling approach and offer things that people want and need, rather than what you want. Even though people will be nice if you tell them that your school is raising money for a trip, they really couldn’t care less. But, if you see somebody working on a nice flower garden and offer them some ideas to keep their garden looking great with less work, and then offer them “House and Garden” magazine at a discount … You’re likely to get their interest and will be much more likely to make sales.

Be observant, look for clues as to what their interests and needs are and approach them from that point of view. Once you “sell yourself” to the people it will be easier to have a conversation that will help you discover which magazines you have that will be of interest to them.

Ken asks…

how can i improve the appearance of my front garden?

its a basic square lawn with soil roung the edge.the problem is the soil is really hard. any suggestions with what i can do to it or cover it with? as the soil makes the garden look like its got that “neglected” look.

GardenersCardiff answers:

You need to turn that soil over, give it a good water, turn it over again. Get a weed puller, the twisty turny things. Excellent for turning over dry soil. Once you have moistened it all, mix in some new soil, depending on what plants you want to put in there, you may need to add peat or grit..

Buy BBC gardening magazine , it is great for ideas on lawns etc and you get free seeds sometimes!.

Once you have that soil sorted, buy some baby plants with flowers and also some evergreen ones, to scatter inbetween and to last through the winter. Do it soon, cos summer is on the way out.

Gardening though a costly hobby, is most satisfying when done properly and with a good heart. It is worth every penny.
:) good luck.

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