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   May 23

Your Questions About Gardening

James asks…

How can/are you outsmarting the tobacco companies and the ads?

How can/are you outsmarting the tobacco companies and the ads?

GardenersCardiff answers:

In magazines and candy cigs… I outsmart them by growing my own tobacco.

Maria asks…

How does California collect tax revenue of legal marijuana if everyone can now grow it themselves?

I was reading the ballot earlier and it looks like the main reason for legalizing weed was so California, who is a debt can collect tax revenue, but I was wondering if all the smokers now have weed growing in their back yards for free, what tax revenue is there going to be? Not to mention if they outright legalize weed then Prop 215 was an absolute lie. Can’t wait for the little kids hanging out in front of 7-11 asking me to buy them a pack of joints. Sounds great.

GardenersCardiff answers:

Good question. It is true that some people would grow it at home, just like some people grow their own tomatoes. There’s nothing stopping people from growing their own tobacco, yet the cigarette companies still seem to do well. People can cook at home, too – yet the restaurant industry has thrived for decades.

The fact is that the vast majority of people will not have the time/knowledge/inclination to grow their own, and will buy it pre-packaged.

I don’t smoke, but I definitely think it should be legal, provided that it is regulated like alcohol (no minors, and no driving).

It makes absolutely no sense that cannabis is illegal while alcohol and tobacco (both of which are MORE harmful and MORE addictive) are legal.

Legalization would:

- Create thousands of (legal, income-tax paying) jobs
- Devastate drug cartels, which would suddenly be without 75% of their income
- Provide an enormous windfall for the government, which would bring in billions in taxes and SAVE billions more on law enforcement (ending Prohibition played a big part in getting the U.S. Out of the Great Depression)
- Allow police, courts and prisons to focus their resources on DANGEROUS criminals, rather than harmless potheads

The more taxes the pot smokers have to pay, the less the rest of us will have to pay – everybody wins!

Betty asks…

Is it legal for private US citizens to grow their own tobacco for personal use?

Do any applicable laws vary from state to state?

GardenersCardiff answers:

Yes, it’s legal.

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